Tips for Writing CV for UK University students


Tips for Writing CV for UK University students

Follow these Tips for Writing CV for UK University students recent grad resume. Remember these tips for writing University freshers CV with no job experience.

Don’t fret about lack of experience:

UK recruitment HR managers do not expect UK students or recent graduates to have worked full-time jobs, but if you have then it is a bonus, mention part time work too.

Use a professional email address:

Since you want to make a good impression, use a professional email address (like first initial, last name or your first and last name). If you have an email address through your school, and it will continue to be usable post-graduation, that’s appropriate to use.

Fresher CV should be one page:

Keep the length of your CV to a single page. Later in your career in UK, it can expand your CV sections, add LinkedIn, digital visiting card, UK job application letter to brand yourself.

Pay attention to CV formatting:

The little things matter when it comes to writing CVs with no work experience. Remember this is a professional document. Make sure to use a standard font and font size, and be consistent with all formatting in your CV.

Put the focus on UK education

Since you are fresher from UK University, do not have ample work experience, put the focus on your education. Keep education section on the top of your resume (above experience). Once you have your first full-time job, you’ll want to switch CV format to chronological CV. So experience comes first, and education comes next in chronological CV.

Make sure your UK graduation date is clear:

If you’re still in UK University, but applying for UK jobs, you’ll want UK recruitment managers to be able to identify, when you’ll be available to begin working for any UK work placement position. You can put a probable “expected graduation date: Month, Year” in the education section of your CV structure.

Be crisp while writing UK job descriptions

Use action verbs, put the focus on accomplishments over tasks if possible, and include numbers when you can.

Use a helpful filename:

Make it easy on UK hiring managers. Include your first and last name in the filename for the resume, along with the word resume. If you just name it “CV” it’s easy for it to get lost in UK hiring manager’s computer to identify in the folder.

Proofread your CV thrice:

This is no place to make a silly mistake or typos in a fresher CV. Read through your CV carefully — consider asking a friend to scan your UK CV, or someone at your UK University department, or even University career office to review your CV before you apply for UK jobs.

So these are tips for writing University freshers CV with no job experience, utilise them wisely while writing your CV for UK jobs.

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