Blog Or Vlog- Which one’s better for you?


A great blog or an engaging vlog helps you lure people to your site. Both blogs and vlogs permit you to engage with your audience, enhance awareness regarding your brand and demonstrate your expertise. This is for the reason that you can use blogs and vlogs to plunge into a particular topic associated with your site or business. Therefore, the potential question is, which one is better? How to decide between the two? In this post, we will delve deep and try to get into all of these.

What Are Blogs and Vlogs for?

A blog or vlog is an extremely effective diary or journal businesses, brands, as well as individuals, use. Both are concerned and connected with generating a higher amount of traffic for a particular site or, for promoting a business or an individual. At times, a blog or vlog is simply used to earn money and for enjoyment and fun. There are various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and many others that feature vlogs. On the other hand, the platforms that feature blogs are Blogger, WordPress, Wix, and others. Nevertheless, it is important to understand which medium and platform is best suited for your business or brand.

Blogging or Vlogging: Which one has more potential: 4 things to consider

Whether you should focus on creating a blog or vlog essentially depends on different things. It is important to consider certain elements as discussed below before deciding

1. The topic:

Almost certainly, certain difficult and grave topics that need detailed explanation can be easily expressed in a blog. Therefore, a vlog (which is of few minutes and rather short) is not fit for those topics that require long explanations. So, some topics are easier to write about, while others are relatively more appropriate for a video. If you intend to create a vlog on a difficult topic, then you can consider making a series of vlogs instead of a long one. Certain topics require the use of a huge number of visual support. Unquestionably, these topics are great for vlogging.

2. Target audience:

Whether to create a blog or a vlog depends to a great extent on the audiences you are targeting. It is generally assumed that the younger population prefers to watch videos while the older ones are more inclined towards reading blogs. However, it is important to learn whether this is the case, therefore, it is imperative to conduct a thorough survey of the target audience to know more deeply about them, the topics they want to know more about, and the categories and nature of the content they prefer.

Both blog and vlog provide the chance to interact with your addressees and reinforce your bond with them. For instance, sharing your content on YouTube or social media can allow viewers or readers to leave a comment below. The author/maker can engage in conversation with them by responding to those comments.
3. Your personal abilities:

Whether you should create a blog or vlog also depends to a great extent on your abilities. Some of you are natural writers, whilst others have some kind of X-factor on screen. Therefore, your capabilities in creating content in the different mediums are an important factor in choosing a blog or vlog. If you are a remarkable writer, then you can leverage your strength and continue writing. Again, if you have an outstanding capability of drawing the attention of people while explaining things on a camera, then you should consider spending time making vlogs.

4. Available resources:

In making a vlog, it is important to take some time to reflect and think about the topics and themes on which you would like to make a vlog. You would require a proper camera, certain skills to shoot a video and edit the entire video material. It is also crucial to ensure that the recording is not wobbly, audio quality is good, and easy to follow. Thus, it means that you would require certain skills, invest some time and resources to prepare a vlog.

Again, for writing a blog, you need to have writing skills to prepare a decent transcript. I believe that vlogging requires a bit more time as well as resources as compared to writing a blog, however, it does not suggest that you always need to select blog over vlog.


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