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  • Academic journals are a lucrative scam – and we’re determined to change that | Arash Abizadeh July 16, 2024
    Giant publishers are bleeding universities dry, with profit margins that rival Google’s. So we decided to start our ownArash Abizadeh is a philosopher and the Angus professor of political science at McGill University, CanadaIf you’ve ever read an academic article, the chances are that you were unwittingly paying tribute to a vast profit-generating machine that […]
    Arash Abizadeh
  • We are public sector workers – this is how more cuts would wreck our NHS, courts, councils and universities | The panel July 16, 2024
    After years of austerity, the government’s plans imply another reduction in funding that public services simply cannot takeThe Resolution Foundation has estimated that Labour’s spending plans commit the party to around £18bn of annual budget cuts over the next parliament. As they stand, these would affect “unprotected” areas of government such as the Department for […]
    Emma Vincent Miller, Catherine Fletcher, Minesh Parekh, Rachel Clarke and Anonymous
  • UK universities need rescue package to stop ‘domino effect’ of going under July 13, 2024
    Experts say the next head of the Office for Students must oversee a programme that will protect higher educationThe new head of the Office for Students (OfS) will have to oversee rescue plans to avoid a “domino effect” with a number of universities going under, experts have warned.The new government’s Department for Education (DfE) announced […]
    Anna Fazackerley
  • For better and worse, Durham’s student population has an impact on locals | Letters July 12, 2024
    David Duell says growth in the ability to teach more students has not been paralleled with the ability to accommodate them; Alan Pearson has long lived next to students and enjoys it “Nice cathedral. Shame about all of the students,” a visitor to Durham told me earlier this year. It’s a feeling held by many […]
    Guardian Staff
  • Goldsmiths’ redundancy plan shows a lack of commitment to Black British literature | Letter July 12, 2024
    A group of academics express their concerns that Prof Deirdre Osborne, the co-founder of the MA Black British literature course at Goldsmiths, is facing the threat of redundancyWe, like many others, are greatly dismayed by the news that Prof Deirdre Osborne, co-founder of the MA Black British literature course at Goldsmiths, is facing the threat […]
    Guardian Staff