Essentials for an Elevator Pitch for your startup


Essentials for an Elevator Pitch for student startup



Any startup by university student requires an elevator pitch. Below written article, are the essentials for an elevator Pitch for student startup in UK. Elevator pitch is define as a 15- to-30-second focussed moment during an interaction, that explains to any individual/group of  people who you are, what you do and what kind of business/startup you are planning .Here is what you need to do, pen down a brief summary about your startup business selling points, a product or service (what) and for whom. These are your USP unique selling proposition for UK startup. Check these carefully and make sure you don’t commit mistakes in preparing for elevator pitch in UK. Essentials for an Elevator Pitch for student startup. So now you know elevator pitch meaning, and that is an action plan for UK career. 

Gauge your Listener

Your elevator pitch in UK, is not about what you want to say, but it is about what your audience wants to hear. Hence, your background as an UK university requires to align about the listener will help you in the construction. If you’re talking to an alumnus, he/she would love to know how you intend to pursue your UK career plans. Different folks want different stories. 

Situation Impact Resolution structure

According to Richard Fout’s, How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Pitch slideshow, read that book to adopt the Situation – Impact – Resolution structure. Situation is where you cite the dilemma. Create the impact where you describe the effects of the situation. Remember that resolution is the answer to the problem.

Remember the 9 C’s

Chris O’Leary book, Elevator Pitch Essentials, laid down these for writing elevator pitch in UK:

· Concise

· Clear

· Compelling

· Credible

· Conceptual

· Concrete

· Consistent

· Customized

· Conversational

This short checklist will help you maximize the time given to you, and help you tailor your story for the right person

Always Be Ready

As an UK University student, you meet key people at an unexpected time and in unexpected places. If you happen to have one of these surprising chances and you’re not aware of the latest trends and news in the consulting industry and business sector. Therefore, make it a habit to stay updated.

Communicate Clearly

Deliver your elevator pitch clearly and confidently. Prepare for it beforehand, practice elevator pitch, until you gain the desired mastery level as an UK University student. Practice in front of the mirror preferably, and be aware of your body language while you opt for elevator pitch. Be sure that your tone stirs interest and encourages the listener to ask you questions after you present your elevator pitch.

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