Things That You Should Never Do On Your Summer Internship!!!!


Things That You Should Never Do On Your Summer Internship!!!!

An internship can be considered to be a valued experience that helps students learn how to act, behave and perform professionally in the actual workplace. An internship also allows learners to gain requisite knowledge and skills in a specific industry.

To get the most out of your summer internship program, it will be important for you to bring out your best foot forward and avert anything that might compromise the benefits of a summer internship. As is explained in this video by Afzal Hussein, the following are the regular mistakes that interns make that could eventually cost them a great professional reference or a full-time job offer with the company. Watch the video till the end to understand the factors that can be detrimental to securing a full-time graduate scheme offer.

  1. Don’t act as you know it all
  2. Don’t embarrass yourself in social events organized by the company (Don’t get drunk and embarrass yourself in front of people)
  3. Don’t be the intern who dresses unprofessionally (keep it simple and formal)
  4. Commercial Awareness (keep up to date with what’s going on in the world)
  5. Never bad mouth behind people
  6. Do not be the intern who sits at their desk all-day
  7. Don’t be too informal
  8. Don’t ask the same question twice
  9. Don’t waste your senior’s time by asking silly questions
  10. Don’t miss the deadline(only take the work that you know you can complete ahead of the deadline)
  11. Don’t always stay overtime in the office
  12. Don’t abuse the company’s policy
  13. Don’t assume that you are going to remember everything (use a pen and a notepad in hand)
  14. Don’t make the mistake of splitting your time poorly
  15. You do not want to leave the internship with any regrets


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