Here’s why your CV / Resume is failing you…


In this vlog, Afzal Hussein asserts that if your CV or your resume is dead you will not be able to secure an interview offer. You might have applied to 100s of vacant positions and still, you are not getting any response or rejection notices. The vacant positions you are applying to are jobs you are adequately competent for and you meet all the eligibility criteria, so, you start questioning yourself why I am not getting interviews calls or getting selection emails. Then, the answer probably is that your resume/CV is failing to get across the applicant tracking systems, and not qualifying. This video points out five things that you should never do on your CV to avoid rejection.

Watch the vlog to learn more about the failure resume, why it is failing you, and what it can do for your career.

If your resume is failing you, call or text us at 01604328800 and let’s talk. Have a look at our CV templates here. Experts at Stunited Team can help you create a resume that enhances your chances of success, and focuses on the following:

  1. Value Statement/Profile Summary in the resume
  2. Main Accomplishments
  3. Core Skills and Work Experience
  4. Keywords that align with job Searches
  5. Tailoring your CV to fit the positions you’re applying to.
  6. References
  7. Principles of Leadership (if working in a managerial role)
  8. Formatting, Style, Size of Font, and overall professional look of the CV.


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