How can Indian students get admission to UK universities?


Students frequently place a query regarding how to get admission to UK Universities from India, and how to apply to UK universities from India. So, from a practical point of view, the identified problem area for Indian students is that they face serious difficulties in comprehending the entire process of application to UK universities as the available information is scattered and lacks orderly continuity, and is often puzzling. This post makes an effort to present the process of getting admission to UK Universities for Indian students in an orderly way.

Process of applying to UK Universities for Indian Students

The current segment highlights the common steps that need to be followed for applying to UK Universities.

  • Selection of course and degree: First and foremost, the student needs to select the appropriate course and degree as per their academic background and interests.
  • Selection of university: Students need to carry out some research and look for universities as per their requirements and criteria
  • Requirements/Eligibility Criteria: Applicants need to properly check the eligibility criteria and other requirements of the universities and check whether it matches their requirements
  • Checking the fee and scholarship/funding facilities: Students need to check and find out applicable scholarship/funding options (if any), and take into account the education fees, living costs, and other miscellaneous study costs.
  • Approach a consultancy firm or agency: Students from India can go to educational consultancy firms to help them with the process of admission or can do it on their own if they feel assertive
  • Applying for the course: Finally, students need to apply for the selected course with all the requisite documents
  • After a decision from the university: Upon receiving the decision, students can start focusing on further preparations, namely educational loans, visa processes, and others.

Eligibility and Admission Requirements for UK Universities

It is important to take note of the fact that the eligibility and admission requirements for the bachelor’s degree are different from that of the postgraduate degree. Therefore, applicants from India need to thoroughly check the admission requirements of the universities. The general eligibility criteria and admission requirements for both Bachelor’s and Postgraduate programs are hereby mentioned below:

Bachelor’s Degree

The admissibility criteria for the Bachelor’s degree also vary from one university to another. Nevertheless, this segment presents a generalized idea of the criteria and conditions.

All Indian students in general must submit their applications to UK universities through the Universities and College Admissions Service (abbreviated as UCAS). UCAS has an online portal, and the majority of the UK universities consider and accept an application only if it is made through the UCAS portal.

The procedure to be followed for applying through UCAS

  • Firstly, Indian students (international students) need to register there and create their profile at the UCAS portal, and craft an application
  • Secondly, students need to fill up the online application form and select up to five UK universities. The selected programs can be either from the same or different institutions.
  • Thirdly, it is compulsory to complete all the required details, namely personal information, academic details, in addition to financial details
  • Fourthly, students need to attach a statement of purpose along with letters of recommendation.

Deadlines for application through UCAS 2022

There are multiple UCAS application deadlines depending upon the selected course or the program students intend to study. In general, Indian students can submit their applications through UCAS till the 30th of June.

Facilities of UCAS Extra

In case any student fails to receive an offer at all from all the five selected universities or if they intend to change their courses/educational institutions, then UCAS Extra permits applicants to add another extra choice to their application as per the provision. The provision of UCAS Extra begins in February and continues till July. Further, if an applicant still cannot manage to get an offer after the closing date in July, then they become eligible for the UCAS Learning.

Eligibility Criteria

  • GPA score
  • English Language Proficiency Test Score

Admission Requirements

  • An application placed through UCAS
  • An English Proficiency Test
  • A personal statement
  • Added assessments for particular courses for example Medical/law programs

Postgraduate Programs

The Indian students applying for postgraduate degrees do not have to submit their applications through any selected portal. They can check the admission requirements/eligibility criteria of UK universities and accordingly send their applications directly to the targeted university. The admission criteria for postgraduate degree programs will also vary from one course to another and from one university to another. Nevertheless, the English language score is one thing that would be needed for admission to UK universities.


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