How to get a business management internship in the UK?


What are the different types of business management internships? Where can you find a business management internship in the UK? What can you do to improve your chances of getting one? How to apply for a business management internship? This post reveals all.

An internship refers to a specific period of work experience, offered by business organisations, for a fixed period ranging from 1 week to -12 months. Internships are normally undertaken by students and graduates seeking to acquire relevant job experience and skills.

Types of business management internships in the UK

The type of internship depends upon your major subjects and your specific career interests. The most common routes/types of business management internship include:

Product Marketing Internship

Product Marketing Internship

Business Management Internship

Business Consulting Internship

Management Consulting Internship

Business Development Internship

Where can I find a business management internship?

Guidelines for finding Business Management Internships in the UK

Internship Portals: There are a number of internship portals in the UK where applicants can search and apply for internships (like the one we offer: Stunited Jobs)

  • Stunited Jobs: Your job hunt begins here. You can search for internships, graduate jobs and schemes, and postgraduate jobs on this Stunited Jobs portal. Job openings are regularly posted on the Stunited Jobs website. You can scroll and look through numerous job updates posted on our sites and apply as per your conditions and requirement. Also, the platform works out and answers all queries linked to finding an internship. Also, you can learn and absorb different ways to outshine in the internship through this platform. You can easily find job options and apply for internships in the UK through this platform.
  • Other portals: Student Circus, Milkround, TARGET Jobs, Rate My Placement.

Government Website: Students of business management can also check the UK council government website for internships. You can hunt for internships on the Find a job service on this website. For this, you will have to create an account. On this site, they post information on full-time jobs, part-time jobs, paid internships, apprenticeships, and others for the learners.

University: Most of the universities and colleges in the UK have a dedicated placement cell. Students can get in touch with their university placement cell for finding a management internship opportunity. They can advise you and assist you with the requisite resources and official papers.

Company Websites: University students can go and directly look through the company websites (careers segment) and apply for paid /unpaid internships. The top companies in the UK offering internships include Morgan Stanley, EY, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, Barclays, Deloitte, and many more.

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Social Media: In our time, all big corporations have a social media presence. These organisations inform about internships and send a hiring alert on their social media pages. So, you can easily leverage the power and influence of social media to apply for internships. You can also find regular job updates on our Facebook Page.

How to Increase Chances of Getting an Internship?

Internship in the UK Stunited

To set yourself apart from the other applicants, you will need to present stellar tools to show the hiring manager. Here is a list of what you require:

Resume: You will need a great resume that details your skills, education, work experience (if any), and most significantly your career objective (the kind of job you are looking for) and communicate succinctly the benefits/values that you can add if appointed.  In case, if you still do not have a professional resume, you will need to get one put together.

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Cover letter: A fundamental element when applying for a business internship. It is always recommended to include a cover letter with your resume to gain a competitive edge, set yourself apart, and ensure an interview call. The cover letter will provide you the chance to put into words why the business organisation would be well served by appointing you as an intern.

Reference letters: You need to have three worthy reference letters ready. It is recommended to have a professional reference letter from your internship coordinator/manager/controller, a personal reference from an acquaintance with good industry exposure, and an academic reference from a university teacher or counselor.

Applying for a business management internship

The processes and requirements of application for a business management internship can vary from one company to another. For certain companies, you might have to fill up an online application form, and appear for an interview or an assessment, wherein you could be enquired about your academic qualifications, top skills, strengths, interests, and past work experience (if any). For others, submitting a CV and cover letter will be adequate. Also, you can send speculative applications to find out about open positions for management internships.

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