How to get Internship position in London


How to get Internship position in London

Intentions define your actions,  and if that is true every University student once to intern in London. How to get Internship position in London? London city is one of the most sought after internship destinations and Europe,  announce in the world because it is a financial capital  of all the major Financial Institutions who have their offices in London. While it is a perfect setting for internship opportunities  in London,  UK university candidates have been dreaming about internships,  even though the internship market is fiercely competitive and challenging. A fully thought research done for MBA students nailing down the essential guidebook to interning in London is finally out. The demand is showing right now in June for internship vacancies in the UK for international students 2022. There are paid internships in the UK for international students and also non paid internships in London. In order to be successful in summer internship 2022 UK, or internship FAQs when do summer internships start in the UK, or very specific questions of summer internships for first year students.


Know the city very well,  hence London as a city requires to be understood from a student perspective if you are new to the country or to the city. Some of the homework questions needed to do as an MBA student are to download the public transport system,  the underground tube map of the metro,  the usage of bike apps and taxi apps,  nearest accommodation in relation to the company where you are applying.  All of these are important in terms of continuing your internship tenure in the company to make your life less hassle free. 


Step 1: Desk research on London internships:


In order to find internships in London,  you need to carry out intense desktop research. Use the directory services or job portals to filter down the top-level companies in London,  middle level companies in London,  and small enterprises in London. This is a good idea for internship as the application volume is quite steep,  and very competitive supporting internship applications to large, medium and small, London  business organisations would eliminate the chances of rejection for internship candidature.


Step 2: Identify the popular sector for internship in London


The city itself is the largest hub of many industries and sectors in the United Kingdom,  and hence if you get an opportunity to intern in London,  you are probably tapping into the world’s top most companies that open up more job opportunities even after an internship. STUNITED Uk, internship experts report that ‘‘most happening internship jobs are-  finance internships in London and marketing internships in London,  closely followed by IT internships in London. Off late post COVID19, demand for digital Marketing internship  has grown multifold,  while there are studied demands in retail internship,  fashion industry,  sales internship in customer service centre internships in London. ”


Step 3: Prepare internship CV


Before we apply for internship positions in London,  start building your resume makeover and convert it into a CV,  starting with education your assignments and projects that you have taken part in the group opportunities to work using action verbs in resume me that sums up your candidature for internship.  Stunited UK resume experts  stated that ‘’ getting marks in Academics quite easy as you may be the top five candidate,  however your community service, the travel experience,  project experience sets you apart from the rest of the students in the UK university.’’


Step 4:  Case to case basis approach in internship jobs in London


Adopt a case to case basis approach in modifying your  internships CV  for the internship job description advertised for London city.  This is important as an internship candidate, with you required to understand the sector  which you are entering,  the type of job description that will define your internship experience,  and it will carry forward for the future job prospects.  Customising your internship job application for each London company you are targeting. 


Step 5: Check everyday each email and message:

This is a sensual task everyday that  UK University students require to engage early in the morning and late in the evening.  It is a testimony of the  London companies where you have applied for internship opportunities,  the volume of responses that are positive and negative,  which defines the scope of internship Application status,  and the probability of your internship candidate to be successful. 


Step 6: Explore plan B to intern in Ireland, Spain, Paris or Scotland. 

Exploring the ‘plan B’ against London,  shifting your vision away from your University  for  international internship is a fantastic alternative as it does not limit yourself to London city alone. The competition of internship vacancies and applications in London are  time consuming and complex in the MNCs and top ranked organisations. This is a logical realistic internship strategy for internship application procedure,  especially it comes handy when you do not have many responses in an internship application in London for yourself.  Interning  abroad  has much added value and global internship experience that helps to solidify your UK University career achievements.  How to get Internship position in London? If you still have questions connect with STUNITED UK. 


STUNITED UK, Internship experts for higher education,  have been advising the student community members using our knowledge of demand and supply matrix of internship jobs.  We are  experts in guiding the UK University students,  related to internships in their career guidance helping them to understand the modalities of internship location,  the internship job description.  We also look at the various factors apart from the intervention with self guiding the UK University students about the internship location City,  cost of living during internship abroad,  things to do  to improve your internship project report,   and offer tips for the internship interview process.

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