Reality of internship job application in UK


Reality of internship job application in UK

The reality of internship job application in UK, tens of thousands of students studying at prestigious UK universities, applying for internships in UK every year. In fact, in the 2020-21 University application cycle prestigious Oxford and Cambridge University received over 57,000 applications, similarly the US picture is equally competitive like UC Berkeley received over 112,000! These same students are therefore applying for internship jobs in UK as per academic curriculum. As students are getting accustomed to a competitive internship marketplace, where the top-notch UK companies offering internship seats are limited, the chances of candidates getting selected is lesser. MBA students in UK are found to push letter of recommendations, show past internship records, involvement in internship projects to add value to their CV.

As an reality of internship job application in UK, with sky-high internship application numbers mentioned above, the ATS (application tracking software) are in use. It is evident that to crack internship offers in top notch UK MNCs companies, it takes much more, than just the academic grades. There is a well-rounded requirement to show the student’s capability in extracurriculars apart from the books and marks dimensions. In order to stand out from the crowd, any student requires to show their capabilities that suits the top UK firms in terms of knowledge, social-ability, presentation and adaptability. At the most, the B-schools in UK are busy solving case studies, and assignments require to shift to applied teaching mode. The internship admissions officers in UK firms, look for a compelling personal narrative from the student applying for UK internship position. Failing which, leads to rejection. Therefore try to identify as an individual, what sets you apart!, What are your core strengths, subject interest, past work experience, if without any experience how to pitch for internship job offer confidently. May be UK internship application letter in the form of a personal statement is needed.

The personal statement coupled with letters of recommendation from your last degree, is the only way to make your UK internship application look stronger. It opens the door of the internship admissions officers to develop perception about the additional credentials to know who you are, what’s important to you. And most importantly, as to why you deserve a place on their office premises, in an internship role. Therefore, the reality of internship competition is pretty tough. It is a chance to demonstrate your intellect, curiosity and quest for growth and not the paper-based degree that has been awarded in the past or future. While writing the personal statement can be immensely challenging and time consuming, just like preparing internship CV. STUNITED UK, the internship experts recommend UK students to prepare an internship CV, select internship sector, start posting early for internship application success. Applying for internship jobs in UK is not so easy, which is the reality of internship job application in UK, neither everyone is successful, which is why adopt a disciplined approach to internship application process during MBA degree in UK. Check your internship job application status in UK periodically. 

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