Interdisciplinary research applicants are getting preference in PhD selection


Interdisciplinary research applicants are getting preference in PhD selection


What is Interdisciplinary research in PhD?

You might be asking what is Interdisciplinary research in PhD? Well it integrates the knowledge and methods of two or more discrete disciplines to find a new discovery. It allows dimensions or variables of two or more multidimensional view to PhD research problem. Meanwhile, when international PhD students from different countries and different academic disciplines come for higher education degree, the varied experience and skillsets have contributed to explore multi-disciplinary or interdisciplinary research work. For higher education degrees like PhD in UK universities or PhD in Europe, the recent academic trend show that Interdisciplinary research applications in UK universities and Professors are now teaming up together on a single research problem that is interdisciplinary. It is evident that the PhD student may have had studied only one such subject as a major degree in the past but the relevance of such Interdisciplinary research is increasing given its wider acceptance in industry perspective. The PhD students often have two research guides for PhD, each drawing on their own subject knowledge mastery to guide the PhD student. Therefore, the multidisciplinary research simply puts the method and the context of the multidisciplinary research topic to blend and bringing disciplines together, integrating them towards a research problem.


Cross-disciplinary collaborations in a research topic in a PhD

Such cross-disciplinary collaborations in a research topic in a PhD are crucial for the Professor and the University to take a lead in the world. It does help solve complex real-world problems, which cannot be solved in isolation or in real life business phenomenon. In the past few years, UK academia has witnessed an increasing interest in interdisciplinary topics and multidisciplinary research, while Europe has been not far behind. Latest PhD trend has found steady acceptance in the Interdisciplinary PhD research applications, and assured PhD berth for academic session. The prevalence of Interdisciplinary research applications is getting preference in PhD selection is because the real-life problems exist irrespective of disciplinary boundaries.


PhD programs in UK universities

For many PhD programs in UK universities the goal is to achieve interdisciplinary cutting edge research addressing the international level complexities, across multiple disciplines and equip PhDs who go on to work in leading organisations from the public, private and academic sectors as top level consultants. The shift in the UK University for the PhD degree topics from self-paced individual learning in one, and transform into a shared interdisciplinary research practices in interdisciplinary PhD research facilitates the interaction between researchers and different world views. The result is phenomenal increase in the connectivity between researcher network, professors and adding qualitative value, critique and reasoning to the PhD research enquiry. Interdisciplinary research enable UK PhDs to interact beyond their own discipline to provide a platform on which shared understanding helps to resolve an Interdisciplinary research problem. These intangible, intermediary social capital outcomes seem to lead to tangible knowledge outcomes (interdisciplinary publications) expanding PhD student learning journey deeper but providing fruitful outcomes in the long run.


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