Do you think universities prepare students for jobs?


It is often noticed that employers express disappointment about the hopeless gap between what students learn and pick up from college and what they are essentially expected to know to be job-ready. This is upsetting considering the wider and still growing scenario- total number of students graduating from university (as per reports it is over 40% of students aged between 25 years to 34 years in OECD nations). Therefore, there is always a debate whether the learning programs offered by the universities are serving the students in the appropriate manner that is, by equipping them sufficiently for the job market. With higher education institutions claiming that they are integrating the appropriate mix of skills in the learners and the employers expressing concern about the gaps in student learning, the question of the pertinence of higher education remains in the minds of the learners.

Universities can be considered to be the places where students can get an opportunity to augment their knowledge on the opted subjects and acquire the skills that shall assist in implementing the knowledge in real life. Therefore, colleges/educational institutions are the places where inexperienced learners get a chance to know in detail about effective communication skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership, and many others, some critical features that are required while working in the industry. Continue reading this segment to see how higher education institutions can equip students for the industry.

1. Learning joint effort and teamwork through participation in group projects

In universities, learners are introduced to the notion of team building using group projects. This group work not only permits students to operate in groups but also provides them an opportunity to develop their leadership qualities.

2. Effectual communication skills through presentations

Communication is without a doubt one of the major skills needed in places of work. Learners can get exposed to public speaking during the academic years. The majority of the people can avoid participating in presentations or debates. Nevertheless, the ones who voluntarily give presentations do not get afraid to give presentations in the places of work later in their careers.

3. Learning organizational skills by developing schemes of studying

It is extremely important to have the potential to handle tasks in workplaces. College life helps students to get exposed to this skill while they learn the skill to manage their study schedule, meet deadlines of assignments, work on multiple projects, and certainly prepare themselves for examinations. Learners who are already mindful regarding the ways to prioritize tasks, prepare a to-do list and follow them, plan work, and then design a system that can increase their overall productivity, are expected to face relatively fewer issues at the workplace.

4. Developing Fluent written communication through academic assignments

Everybody is aware of the huge amounts of assignments that students need to work on in their academic careers. This not only assists in attaining higher grades but also makes students aware of the technique of writing-drafting, proofreading, editing, and then rewriting. Therefore, if learners intend to work upon their writing skills in universities, they can prepare themselves for good job opportunities.

5. Effective management of time by managing different tasks

Students attending school have a sorted routine of studying owing to its well-ordered schedule whilst higher education institutions give the freedom to learners on the way they intend to use the time. Accordingly, they get an opportunity to learn how to order and prioritize numerous assignments, how to divide big tasks into smaller manageable ones, and how to attain targets within a set deadline.

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