Benefits of Personal branding for UK students


Benefits of Personal branding for UK students

Personal branding has gained significance due to the use of the Internet, and social media. The transference of brand to self concept, brand identity to online image management also called reputation management has been steadily gaining grounds as individuals have multiple profiles and online identities that affect their physical world.

Need for Personal branding in UK job market

UK employers are increasingly using social media tools to vet job applicants before offering them interview calls. Practices like these are changing the UK job market dynamics, recruitment and selection strategy for UK University students. Online presence in social media therefore is like a two edged sword. UK recruiters are using latest tools apart from ATS (application tracking system) to filter UK student CVs, and that includes searching an job applicant’s history of social comments to understand your thinking and orientation patterns. It is a perfect strategy to assess any UK university student values and beliefs, philosophy and thought process expressed online social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Instead of conducting background checks by professional resume services agencies in UK, UK companies are using search engines and other tools to find out the candidate fit into their organisation. This is leading to the decline of resume-only job applications in UK, in favor of presenting other forms of student personal branding. These may include links to a professional profile (such as LinkedIn), a personal blog, digital visiting card, personal website, a portfolio of industry-related articles, and evidence of an online following. These efforts may improve a person’s chances of obtaining a job.

Benefits of student personal branding in UK

The key benefits of student personal branding in UK, as it offers better employability, engage in social selling, thought leadership in UK. Erving Goffman’s Self-presentation theory explores the way people want to be seen and how people are perceived by their peers. Goffman uses the term ‘Dramaturgy’ to describe looking at one’s own persona as a drama, treating your actions as an actor in a play. UK university students can now control how they are viewed by their UK peers, while in the case of celebrities or athletes, they can build a personal brand through utilizing what they present to their publics using various social media outlets. Self-presentation theory and personal branding go hand in hand, as we are aware how the celebrities and athletes building a particular brand of an extension of themselves, or persona over with the use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Building a personal brand is a big part of a individual’s life

Building a personal brand is a big part of a individual’s life, and it can helps them to spread awareness, visibility and also provide an outlet to express themselves, build a fan base/supporters. This is made possible through the use of social media and the understanding the UK student aspiring to build a personal brand and make their messages heard online. The theory of self-presentation looks at how people look to create an identity for themselves that they would like to be seen as by their peers or in the public eye.

Therefore benefits of personal branding for UK students are immense and it requires selection of UK Personal branding agency. This is a decision which requires research, and recommendations from people around you. Benefits of Personal branding for UK students is now catching up, as students are willing to set aside small amount of money to differentiate their online image management in order to influence their social circles. It has now spill over to UK job market as academic to job transition is a huge jump which requires to use self presentation theory to be applied to meet their dream jobs and aspirations in career.

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