Leverage social media cautiously to build your career


Leverage social media cautiously to build your career


Social media can be a great way for you to network. Leverage social media cautiously to build your career. Therefore, show off your knowledge, and get in contact with the industry leaders, create a follower base, start influencing people around you. How will you do that?

Here are some of the best practices tips for promoting yourself on social media and to build your career in UK, using the self-branding strategies.

1.Become a thought leader:

Use social media in your area of work in UK, or any UK industry by utilizing Twitter and LinkedIn. Create a LinkedIn profile and a Twitter hashtag, use it to make Take part in conversations, follow the right people, and begin engaging with your area of work, to show off your knowledge and skill!

2. Create or Update your LinkedIn profile.

Spend 15 minutes a daily to create a social media post about area of your work, a challenge, ask a question, upload a photo, use hashtag with writeup descriptions for your past experience, skills, clubs, etc.

3.Begin using Twitter to grow your influence:

Once you know what industry you want to enter in UK, begin researching, writing, and posting information about that topic on the social media platform. Twitter is a great place to find information and showcase your expertise but use hashtags that are trending to boost your post.

4.Gather testimonials to gain credibility

It is good to get testimonials in the form of a feedback from your UK friends, UK colleagues and from people in your industry. It is an honest 360 feedback which highlights your trustworthiness, energy, and skills. When people write recommendations for about your work profile on LinkedIn it is a tremendous boost to your personal brand. These show you’re telling the truth and boost your street cred.

5.Drive networking connections:

Make sure you have over 500 connections on LinkedIn at least by systematically driving the networking connections. That little 500+ number means a lot to recruiters and potential business partners/clients. Similarly, it is important to get at least 1,000 followers on Twitter in order to gain the reach and spread of your post online within UK. We know it is tough, but consistent posting everyday with some effort, you can achieve that within 4-6 months.

6. Intensify social networking:

Join interesting and relevant groups on LinkedIn and start posting through commenting and interacting, as comments that supports or disagrees a post will find followers. You will learn a lot about your industry as well, plus connect with those who are influencers. In reality who knows where your connections can lead!

7. Begin answering QA sessions

You can start sharing your knowledge dissemination using the questions and answer provisions on social media to make your mark by projecting your thinking and inviting response. This can be done by offering advice to strangers online, on question/answer boards like Quora. If Quora is not relevant, then find a platform where you can help out the community and show your knowledge.

8. Third party blog Medium:

Jump into Medium, a popular third party high PR blogging platform, in order to attract and shift people from one channel to other. Make your profile in all social media networking platform MEDIUM, to look professional.

9. Clean up

Yes please clean and tidy your profile images/pictures, and other social media posts on your social accounts. This is the last strategy to leverage social media and reposition yourself to knock on opportunities in this world.

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