How to develop a growth mindset- 18 Proven Tips For Career Success


How to develop a growth mindset- 18 Proven Tips to Success

What do recent graduates in the UK need to know at the start of their career to accelerate development and succeed in today’s place of work? The answer is GROWTH MINDSET. Graduates with a growth mindset tend to think that their skills/abilities and competencies can be developed over with conscious effort. So, now the question arises how can one develop this growth mindset?



Today’s post shares 18 top tricks to develop the growth mindset to succeed in today’s workplaces:

1. Accept your imperfections as the first step towards developing a growth mindset

The tendency of overlooking, escaping, or hiding from your weaknesses implies that you’ll never be able to master your weak areas. Therefore, it is important to first recognize and accept your flaws and imperfections.

2. Consider difficulties as golden opportunities and not as impediments in your way toward success

Developing a growth mindset implies appreciating and enjoying opportunities for personal development. Thus, take pleasure in facing difficulties/challenges and learn how to overcome them.

3. Make efforts in trying different procedures of learning for a growth mindset

The “one size fits all” tactic of learning is obsolete as it assumes all learners learn in the same ways. What proves to be effective for one student may not work for another one. Therefore, you can try different methods and discover diverse strategies of learning to find out the one that suits you best.

4. Closely study brain plasticity and develop new tactics for a growth mindset

Early studies assumed that neurogenesis, or the formation of new neurons, stopped soon after birth. Nowadays, it’s understood that the brain has the extraordinary capacity to reorganize paths, generate new connections, and, in certain cases, even build new neurons—neuroplasticity. Therefore, if the brain is not something static, then your mindset shouldn’t be either.

5. Attach more importance to the learning process rather than the outcome

You can try to focus more on the process of learning, without worrying about it when it goes beyond a projected or accepted time frame. Everybody moves at their own pace and it’s perfectly okay to take longer than others. Just don’t forget that YOU TOO CAN.

6. Don’t depend on other’s approval

When you prioritize others’ consent, appreciation, and support over your learning, then certainly you fail to develop a growth mindset. So, stop seeking others’ approval to develop your potential for self-improvement.

7. Start finding your purpose in every act of yours

Prior research work suggests that learners with a growth mindset had a higher awareness of their purpose. Try to find out what your reason is for every action/step that you take. You can also check whether you act in alignment with your main purpose or goal.

So, focus on a big picture thinking strategy that implies a thinking process that concentrates on the entirety of a concept or idea in place of every individual detail. It is observed that people with big picture thinking capability can easily see all the long-term possibilities of any particular plan and gauge the possibility for success. Therefore, finding the purpose of every action can help you find how you process, view, and build the future vision for yourself.

8. Lay stress on growth over the pace

It is important to lay stress on growth over speed when it comes to learning. Learning at a great speed does not always imply learning well as concrete learning sometimes requires allowing room for making mistakes and rectifying the same.

9. Believe in the concept of constructive criticism

You have to learn how to accept constructive criticism that is nothing but actionable recommendations for positive change.

10. Re-define genius

Learn the tricks that may redefine genius by developing your skills/abilities by working harder, and not just depending on your talent alone. Everybody can develop exceptional skills. Therefore, shift your focus from being “gifted and talented” to hard work. It is difficult to find a single instance of a human being performing at an extraordinary level in any arena that has not worked extremely hard to get there, been through a lot of struggles, and presented high awareness regarding the purpose and outstanding resilience.

11. Regularly reflect on your learning

As a student or a recent graduate, you have to reflect regularly (at least once a day) on your learning graph.

12. Don’t consider an area for improvement as your failure

Don’t consider the recommendations for improvement as failures. Focusing on improvement will certainly help you to get out of any failure. Learn how to replace failing with learning.

13. Focus on training your brain

Brain training refers to a program of daily activities to develop one’s perceptive abilities. Consider your brain as a muscle that needs to be routinely trained, just as the body.

14. Try to learn from other’s mistakes

Understanding of failures/mistakes acquired from other people’s experiences might help you effectively decrease your mistakes and your suffering from the consequences of mistakes.

15. Set a new goal after the achievement of every goal

Don’t just achieve your goal and then let things slowly dissolve. Growth-minded individuals know how to continuously make new goals to keep themselves motivated. You can never stop learning. Just because your final exam or semester exam is over doesn’t imply that you should stop learning a subject. Setting new goals can help you activate new behaviors, direct your focus and assist you to put up with that momentum in life.

16. Think realistically regarding time and effort

You have to accept the fact that it takes time to learn something. Therefore, never assume that you’ll be able to learn everything in just one sitting.

17. Accept your attitude

After developing a growth mindset, you have to acknowledge and accept yourself as someone who has a growth mentality and allow yourself to be guided by this approach throughout your career.

18. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when needed

When you are just starting, everything will appear to be new. The best way through an unfamiliar situation or circumstances is to go through it, instead of avoiding it or feeling overwhelmed by it. However, having a growth mindset doesn’t imply that you can do anything without a glitch. So, whenever you feel you’re stuck, please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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