Are you worried about UK WORK VISA REFUSAL? We can help. Know the Reasons for Refusal and avoid making the mistakes in your application.

As per official statistics from the UK Visa and Immigration presented in this vlog by Nanelle Griselda, about 98.45 percent of skilled worker visas were successful during the year 2019. This implies that just about 1.55 percent of the visa applicants were unsuccessful. During the year 2020, only 4.93 percent of skilled worker visas or work visas were rejected. Therefore, as per the figures, the majority of skilled worker visas are normally approved.

One good thing about the UK immigration system is that they provide you with a letter and explain to you in detail why they refused your visa application. Nanelle Griselda has thoroughly researched the reasons firsthand from personal sources by looking through these letters and has done some online research as well. Based on the findings from her study, she has come out with 6 compelling reasons for UK Work Visa refusal. She explains why health and care worker visas/tier 2/skilled worker visas can be denied.

Watch this video till the end to note some of the common reasons for UK Work Visa refusal so that you can avoid making these mistakes while applying for a UK health and care work/skilled worker visa. Continue watching to make sure that you don’t fall into that 4.93 percent.

Highlights of the 6 common reasons are as mentioned below: 

  1. The first one is errors in the application
  2. Not submitting the required document or not submitting the right document
  3. Be honest in your application. Don’t lie as it will not make you look like a good person (even don’t suppress any fact)
  4. Financial errors: not having adequate funds to show that you can maintain yourself when you come here to the UK, or your salary not meeting the required salary threshold.
  5. Don’t submit any form of fake documents. Don’t even try to submit any forged document. This is because you’ll surely be grabbed and your visa can be refused. It can even lead to you being banned from coming to the UK
  6. it’s sometimes just the mistake of the employer. Every employer is supposed to meet the residents’ labour markets test, However, if they fail to do so, then your visa can be denied.

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