Daily habits that can improve your employability

Are you feeling anxious and overwhelmed with the stiffly competitive job market in the UK? Do you think “everything’s a struggle” and wonder what you could do to improve your employability and get ahead?

Say goodbye to career fear!!!

Today’s post shares seven exclusive daily habits that will improve your employability and help you land your dream job.

1. Stay informed about the job market

Even if you are not actively searching for a job right now, you can remain aware of the current happenings in the targeted job market in the UK (particularly, the sector/industry you’re interested in).


  • Read business news regularly and keep a close eye on the specific positions in high demand in the segment that interests you and the requisite skills to land those jobs.
  • Create your accounts on professional networking platforms and start growing connections, to seize the attention of hiring managers [Join Stunited, the world’s largest social media platform for students Now and catch the attention of top recruiters in the UK]
  • Get accustomed to different job boards [such as Glassdoor] to check the reviews of different business enterprises. To get regular updates on full-time/part-time/internship jobs in the UK, follow Stunited Jobs.
  • Sign up for newsletters sent by job boards to know about the current vacancies in the sector of your choice and improve your employability

2. Surround yourself with intelligent people

Henry Ford mentioned, “I am not the smartest, but I surround myself with competent people.”


  • Build your networks and surround yourself with competent individuals
  • Participate in workshops, seminars, and competitions that are associated with the area of your interest
  • Join professional groups on LinkedIn, and Facebook and reach out to the industry leaders
  • Grow your community and find your career gurus to help you develop your employability and eventually land rewarding career opportunities.

3. Spend time developing your skills

Introspect and find out what you are good at and invest your time wisely into sharpening those skills and becoming an expert in that area. If you can position yourself properly and show your hiring managers that you are immensely specialized in a specific area, then you can surely step from being a good prospect to an indispensable resource of any business enterprise.


  • Reflect and select a set of skills that you would like to sharpen over the upcoming months
  • Invest at least half an hour every day to learn more about it (you can read books, listen to podcasts, attend classes online/offline, attend seminars/webinars, etc.)
  • There are chances that your university is also offering affordable short courses on different kinds of topics. These courses delivered by specialists in the field or university professors are generally well-acknowledged by employers. This will certainly improve your employability.
  • There are also various online learning platforms (Udemy, FutureLearn, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and others) that offer courses on nearly all kinds of topics. These courses are a perfect way out for you to educate yourself and develop your skills further in the area that interests you.


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4. Take up a part-time job/internship

Finding a part-time job will help you in gaining first-hand work experience and make your CV richer. However, if you are studying for a Master’s degree in a subject say, project management or finance and accounting, it might be hard to get a job that will be flexible enough to adjust to your university timetables.

Therefore, you can just make a start with the job openings that are very popular among students (such as retail management or hospitality management. For instance, you can start working as a store assistant and develop many transferable skills namely, time management, communication, customer management, and the ability to work individually as well as in a team among many others. These are the skills that are valued by hiring managers for all kinds of positions.

5. Dedicate your school vacations and weekends to job shadowing

If you are unable to spend adequate time completing an internship, then another alternative is job shadowing.

  • Job shadowing: It is a practise where you can just go and meet an employee at their workplace and they let you observe what they are doing and how they are doing. You do not have to give any input from your end to the tasks done, you can just watch them, take notes and learn. For this, you have to approach your connections and your acquaintances who would be glad to invite you to their workplace.

6. Develop your online presence to improve your employability

Certainly, your employability will rise steeply when people can just Google your name and find out about your presence in your field. You can make yourself discoverable by employers online, and showcase your unique viewpoints, and your level of awareness in the fields of your interest.


  • Write or post articles associated with your area of study on professional networks like LinkedIn
  • Write a blog or deliver a guest post on a topic related to your selected industry
  • Share relevant content on Facebook, or tweet regularly as a specialist in your field
  • Create a YouTube video showcasing your areas of interest and strengths
  • Develop a podcast on a pertinent topic
  • Use the digital platform as a persistently updating resume

7. Try to visualize your ultimate goals (where you want to be)

Research findings suggest that mental imagery directs and trains your brain for success and enhances your productivity and regular performance in your life.


  • Allocate time to meditate and imagine yourself in your perfect career
  • Meditate and try to visualize every single detail (your work environment, your achievements, your ideal co-workers, your attire, your behavior, and your feelings. Eliminate all kinds of doubts and set yourself free to think big

Practising this will help you gain immense clarity about your purpose and get you nearer to achieving your dreams.


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