Why worry about student accommodation in Birmingham?


When students choose to study at Birmingham, they will certainly benefit from an exceptional educational environment from the top 100 institutions of higher education in the world. As far as university metropolises in the UK are concerned, Birmingham is considered to be one of the best. Having the youngest populace in Europe owing to its five top universities, the city is overflowing with diverse cultures, occasions, and activities. Students can be a part of an assorted international community in a lively and thrilling city, right at the heart of the United Kingdom.

Let us now check out what Birmingham has to offer as regards student accommodation.

Undoubtedly student life in this city has everything that a student requires, no matter where they stay, they will be able to thoroughly enjoy the place. As regards student accommodation in Birmingham, they need to take into account the commute to the university, the time required to travel, and the budget to decide what’s the best place for them to stay.

Numerous factors influence the rent of student accommodation, and among these factors location is one of the most vital points. The range of housing can be from a least possible £75 per week to a whopping £200 per week. Apart from the location, house rent for students also depends on varied amenities as well as facilities offered and the structure and configuration of the selected space. Usually, the rent of accommodation will drop if students decide to move further away from the centre of the city.

Can we say that Birmingham is cheap for study? Birmingham is indeed an affordable city for students, with available student halls costing between roughly £75 to £200 every week, based on the location and the rent decrease as people move away from the centre of the city.

Jewellery Quarter is a well-known area for both professionals and families. Students will get many choices of apartments to choose from. Edgbaston is also one of the desirable areas in Birmingham city and students here can find apartments at a reasonable rate. Bordesley Green and Moseley are some of the most common, inexpensive, and culturally diverse areas in Birmingham. Selly Oak is also considered one of the most popular student suburbs, chiefly because of its nearness to the University of Birmingham. Again, Harborne and – further out – Kings Heath is also well-liked areas for student lodging, combined with the new purpose-built blocks distributed across Birmingham. The University of Birmingham also offers two hotels on university grounds. Both offer a convenient, easy, and relaxed place for students to stay located in close vicinity to University station, and the central campus.

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