Five steps for literature review search in PhD thesis writing


A research topic that attempts to discover a new research phenomenon or offer a solution to real-world problems essentially starts with identification of research gaps. You will come across past academic research papers related to your research topic. Your immediate challenge is to sift through millions of past published academic papers to find that your research will fit into the gap.

Over the past several years, the PhD publishing industry has witnessed a gradual move towards digital publishing of research journal. It has changed how PhD research is being published, disseminated, and consumed by the research world. From setting up e-libraries to rewriting the manuscript of research journal print versions the COVID19 impact on the PhD has shifted to digital platform. The use of social media for research dissemination has increased as well, and building specialized apps and tools that is helping PhD students for literature search. We at STUNITED UK the largest student networking sites in Britain, is feeling that that PhD research market has undergone a transformation. In these core academic processes, the need for PhD research student in UK to get visibility at a macro level in the research world. Research platform has embraced these changes which has found its way to influence the researchers’ daily habits, changing for instance, how PhD scholars in UK read research papers and keep up with new research titles linked to their PhD Thesis research objectives. It’s not surprising then, given our evolving digital habits with a focus on convenience, that you can find several online resources to aid literature search.

A wide variety of available research literature search PhD research tools, research repositories, search engines, research databases, and more, how do you pick the best one? This article will help you make that choice by listing all the things you should be looking for when selecting a literature search tool that works for you. Ideally, 5 things to consider when choosing a literature search too this will help you…

1. Read, relevant and recent PhD literature

Biggest challenge for the PhD research scholar is conducting a literature search in PhD. The real challenge for the PhD scholar is to finding research paper, empirical data for PhD research that is current, relevant, and reliable. Moreover, the literature search tool you can choose that you can use for this purpose. A quick search on Google’s search engine for keywords related to your PhD research topic will give you lots of positive result for PhD research. The keywords for researching for PhD, needs to be mixed and matched in order to provide search results to researcher that helps in literature review.

An added advantage for PhD research student, is your searching capability for PhD articles, that readily matches your PhD research interests with the research articles that you need to read. There are AI-powered search apps for PhD research yield with research articles related to your research domain without you even having to input keywords! Other PhD research tools and databases also allow you to fine-tune your search PhD results by using filters. You can search by year, research author name, research journals, research relevancy, or recency. Use these features help PhD scholars to stay organized and write updated literature review, while minimize time-consuming PhD searches.

2. Manage your bookmarked research papers

The whole point of searching for research paper, is to find what’s most relevant articles to your PhD study. The effort and time for search also requires to be organized in a way, that makes it easily retrievable and discoverable later. You will come across a situation, where you’re highly focused in writing your literature review and motivated as well. But you did download the relevant research journal for your reference but cannot find now. You end up skimming through a number of journals but not finding the right one for writing literature review. You regret that you do not have a system, to bookmark your PhD research papers to be able to find out at right time. You recall the novel study design used in that one article you read, but trying to remember the internet link.

This scenario happens with PhD research students in UK and too real. Our intention is help you to identify with it and optimise limited time PhD scholars have got. As a PhD scholar in UK university, it is critical but not always easy to stay organized. Fortunately, today, some AI-powered reading tools for PhD research allow you to create your own library as per your reading trends for your PhD, You will get daily recommendations and an easy option to track all your bookmarked research papers. This strategy helps to manage your bookmarked research papers at one place and find these bookmarked articles in the future.

3. Browse research abstracts

As a PhD scholar you find read the research paper abstracts that offers you a glimpse of what kind of research it is. Abstract in research journal contains the relevant keywords. Furthermore, abstracts are short and quick to read, helping the PhD scholar to understand the entire research paper. Writing a literature search, PhD researchers can use these essence of these research abstracts to link the relevance of research paper. This helps the research scholar to save time and decide then if it is required to read the rest of research journal. This is a faster, easier, and more efficient way to find and use research journal and include it in thesis work.

If you have found any research journal, that is relevant to your PhD research topic, read on the full text, narrow down on the research methodologies followed in journal, understand research study design and journal findings. This helps your PhD literature review to harness the search tool linked to the research abstracts and write conference papers or research journals on your thesis.

4. Good literature review reading

As a PhD scholar you understand that more research being published every year. Thus identifying a unique research gap and with a reason is becoming tough. Finding a research topic that is both original for any PhD scholar is important. Therefore skimming through relevant research materials for thesis writing, you need get into the habit of finding and reading literature review. Moreover, this habit aids in refining your PhD research topic and determine direction of research, and journals you wish to publish will be of interest to other scientists.

For a PhD research scholar time is precious as you need to read through multiple literature review in your research topic field. This is indeed time-consuming, laborious, and complex. Remember your time submit your thesis in UK university is fixed, so using a smart literature tool that gives you relevant reading recommendations every day. You maintain your daily PhD thesis reading schedule everyday as each research article is valuable. Utilise your time during your daily commute to keep up the momentum to develop PhD literature search that is a grade A+ one.

5. Find everything you need in one place

PhD researchers conducting a literature review knows or has been advised about the importance of a comprehensive search. It implies “search everywhere” and now the availability of digital research repositories conducting an effective literature search is easier.

Remember that finding something new is okay, but it should make PhD research process easier, saves time, and minimizes stress. It should be a win-win-win. R Discovery uses state-of-the-art technology by UNSILO and Scholarcy to give you a rich research reading experience.

· Access to 5.6 million research topics and 80 million+ publications from 32,000 journals

· 3 Daily reading recommendations based on your research interests

· Article abstracts, full-text option, and paper highlights that summarize entire articles in a few lines

· A personalized feed with highly relevant papers, recently published literature, and related reading suggestions

· Convenient filters to fine-tune your search and get optimized reading results

· Regular updates and notifications so you don’t miss out on important research

· Easy bookmarking and library import option for platforms like Mendeley and Zotero

Finding the right material for writing thesis literature review is tough and there is no easy short cut. You need to act at the right time that is crucial for your own PhD research. So above are the Five steps for literature review search in PhD thesis writing.

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