Top UK university rankings in 2022


Presenting the Top UK university rankings in 2022

We at STUNITED UK, the largest social networking website for students understand the dilemma for choosing UK university every year. The UK university rankings in 2022 and league tables are highly competitive. There are over 150 higher education institutions to choose from in the UK, and it is important you have all the information on where to go and what to study before applying. Important factors to consider when choosing a UK university include:

University ranking

Subject ranking


Cost of living

Student satisfaction

Research ranking

Percentage of international students

The Times Higher Education ranking of the top universities across the globe employ13 separate performance indicators designed to capture the full range of university activities, from teaching to research to knowledge transfer. These 13 elements are brought together into five headline categories, which are:

Teaching — the learning environment (worth 30 per cent of the overall ranking score)

Research — volume, income and reputation (worth 30 per cent)

Citations — research influence (worth 32.5 per cent)

Industry income — innovation (worth 2.5 per cent)

International mix — staff and students (worth 5 per cent).

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