Why should you tailor your resume to the job description?


This post explains in detail the reason why it is important to tailor your resume to the job description. Some recruiting managers will glance at your resume first – and if it fails to draw their attention or meet their outlook, it could adversely affect the rest of your application process, or in the worst case, it can be ignored and tossed aside.

Therefore, continue reading to note down the tips that you can use to set your resume apart from the rest, and help you secure a call for an interview.

Match your skills and responsibilities to the ones listed in the job description

To show that you are well-suited for the job, it is important to prove that you have got all the right skills and prior work experience. For that, read the job description thoroughly and make a note of what the responsibilities of the job entail. Thereafter, for every role recorded in your resume, try to list the accountabilities and everyday jobs you had that match with those in the job description. In this way, you will be able to demonstrate that you have got all the relevant experience to kick off if you secure the position.

For example: In the case of a business administration job, one of the key responsibilities in the job description is mentioned as: “Deliver fundraising management support.” In that case, you might include responsibility under a previous role as “Documented a procedures booklet for the processing of inward donations.” Therefore, read the job description thoroughly and try to identify the keywords and keyword phrases the recruiting company included in the job description and use these to draw attention to your skills in the resume. However, do not list any experience that you do not have- methodical and thoroughgoing recruiters will check with referees to ensure that the skills/responsibilities mentioned in your resume are genuine, therefore, stretching or manipulating the truth could lead to rejection of your candidature.

List accomplishments that Link with those responsibilities

When you have revealed that you have relevant experience, it is advisable to add the list of accomplishments to this by indicating how you have excelled in your prior roles. This involves thinking of all the pertinent things that you have achieved in your prior work exposures.

Business establishments like to know that you will not only be proficient if they appoint you but also can help the establishment to even get better at what they do. For instance, you might be applying for a copywriting/PR job/any other communication job with a job description that states: “Experience in writing content for the targeted audience.” So, therefore, you might list a responsibility under a prior role: Successfully composed and posted 50 blogs for 3 months”

Specify that you understand the needs of the business establishment

A candidate who really can become unique and set oneself apart is essentially the one who has taken time to understand the requirements of the organization and the responsibilities stated in the job description.

Therefore, with a little effort, you can modify your resume so that it reveals you as an individual who will be advantageous to the business extensively.

You can refer to the below-mentioned sources to seek out information to help you get a thorough understanding of the company:

  • Official website of the company
  • Press releases
  • Annual reports
  • Social media profiles

Use their language style

You can pay attention to the way the job adverts are worded and then try to use language (keywords and key phrases) in your application. Applicants can note the way the job role is described, how the work is explained. If a business establishment uses a formal language style and tone in the way it communicates, be cautious in using bouncy language and a fun tone. Again, if an establishment uses a casual language and tone in its website, then being informal and relaxed with your language will certainly replicate their organizational culture back to them. This will undoubtedly be very important as it will help the potential recruiter to detect you as a good cultural fit and will reveal that you can understand the job role, the work, and the operations of the organization.


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