Internship Interview Qs – How do you compensate for your weaknesses?


Internship Interview Qs-How to compensate for your weaknesses



Your UK Internship interviewer can ask you, “What’s your greatest weakness?” you’ll have to keep that interview answer ready. Presenting Internship Interview Qs to help your racy brain to answer, the internship interview questions like these.

Let us analyse the intention of the UK Internship interviewer. The internship recruiter doesn’t really seem like a weakness, and then puts you in good light. It is more of asking this way, “How do you compensate for your weaknesses?”. As UK University student, you this might throw you off your game a bit. But if you deep dive the UK Internship interviewer mind, it drills a little deeper and assumes, that as an UK Internship candidate, you do have a weakness and simply asks what you are doing about it.

If you give them a weakness that doesn’t affect a central or critical part of your internship vacancy that you have applied. First and foremost answer, is to tell the UK recruiter, what you already do to overcome it. For instance, if you would say that you are not particularly detail-oriented, and that’s why you take these extra steps of X, Y, and Z. And hence you can substantiate your response, ‘’so I don’t miss anything’’. Choose your responses during internship interview carefully, as it goes a long way, to impress the internship interviewer as the interview progresses towards the end.

This might be a good opportunity to show the internship recruiter, that you as UK university student is flexible and coachable. This is a job applicant  trait, showing flexibility in decisions and actions, as an internship candidate. It is a big bonus in building positive perception, in your future employer right from the start of your interview. You can cite examples as scenario building during your interview as you can say, “I used to have a problem with X, but my supervisor gave me a practical solution (then describe that in detail). Stating this approach, shows that it is not a weakness for you as a candidate. This is a counter strategy for I have been using, it ever since with no problems.” This is a communication logic during interview, to convince the internship interviewer and showing your response or capability as an internship interview candidate.

Or, this might be a good opportunity to show yourself as a candidate, that you can train yourself, when it is necessary. The probable answer is that “I used to be a little afraid of technology, but then I signed up for some classes online ( or ( on my own to learn what I needed to. I brush up my skills with a new class every few months or so.” It’s going to take some thought on your part, but be strategic and think of an answer that names a weakness that is not a deal-breaking factor for this job, and a compensation that highlights a great quality they would like to see in you. Think about the company, think about the job itself, and really tailor your answer to fit. So here you go, feel confident while answering ‘How do you compensate for your weaknesses in interview?’ If you have read carefully ‘Internship Interview Qs-How to compensate for your weaknesses’ you are ready to face interview probably by now. If you want to know the probable list of interview questions, read here.

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