What is involved in DBA thesis?


What is involved in DBA thesis?

You thinking to apply for DBA or already have applied for DBA. What is involved thesis? This is the most common DBA FAQs before professionals ask us from different UK sectors. Ultimately, the final goal of the DBA is to prove a research title. Therefore, DBA consists of these phases in academic doctoral degree, where you choose your own DBA topic, prepare your DBA proposal and present it to the University research committee.  It is evident from corporate world; you are acquiring new skills that is to test the independent research skills. Most importantly justifying why you choose your research title in DBA, what is the rationale of DBA thesis topic in the context and relevance of business world. Additionally, you have acquired by presenting and defending a specific research project or thesis that have been a practice in corporate presentation over the years. Therefore, there is not much difference from corporate and academic world as you pick up advanced researching skills, develop abilities to identify a business problem, substantiate with theories and models.

Though the topics of DBA thesis in UK vary as per candidate interest area and MBA specialisation, job experience, these are few milestones required to complete DBA thesis easily with confidence. Here are the DBA stages for research that you need to know before considering applying for DBA degree. These are all involved in DBA thesis?

STEP 1: Develop DBA proposal and a research plan

This is your initial sketchy proposal which includes all the background issue, and forms the first  major component of your doctoral dissertation; a statement of the research problem, research questions, a description of your research design, and the methods you plan to employ.

STEP 2: Develop a DBA thesis proposal and practice your oral defense

In the first months of DBA program, with help from your chair and University research committee in DBA department in your university, you will refine your final proposal for DBA.

STEP 3: Obtain approval for DBA thesis to proceed with research

Once your DBA proposal is completed, you will present it to your University research committee. You wait to receive approval from the Institutional Review board (IRB). This will give you permission to begin collecting data from human subjects for your DBA thesis.

STEP 4: Collect data and analyze

The stages in the primary research methods in DBA thesis are: either to select qualitative research method in DBA or quantitative research method in DBA, in some cases both for mixed methods DBA research. Qualitative research in DBA focuses on examining variables in the DBA topic via cultural phenomena, human behavior, or belief systems. This type of DBA research includes the use of research instruments like case studies, interviews, and open-ended questions. The quantitative research in DBA involves the empirical investigation of observable and measurable variables that you have identified in the literature review of DBA thesis. This stage is used for theory testing in DBA, prediction of outcomes, and determining relationships in DBA thesis.

STEP 5: DBA data analysis and conclusions

Once all your research data has been collected, start your analysis of all work. Remember you may need to learn some statistical tools for your quantitative DBA thesis or thematic analysis software for qualitative. A good DBA analysis includes an overview of DBA issues, variables identified, data captured and was conducted.

Once your DBA data analysis is complete, work on a conclusion, merging all chapters of DBA thesis into a single document. Proof  read your DBA thesis, and start writing the DBA conclusion. It would aim to answer the main research question set in DBA proposal.

STEP 6: Oral defense of DBA and approval

Last but not least, an oral defense is the final milestone  of DBA degree. It involves an oral examination in which you will defend your DBA thesis to an audience of experts.

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