Differences in DBA and PhD degree in UK


Differences in DBA and PhD degree in UK

Here are some of the Differences in DBA and PhD degree in UK. Read this article as career guidance after MBA in UK.

  1. Research scope

For a regular PhD degree in UK, the students are required to develop a new theory or test a new theory. This is a novel topic and unique research title that have an original approach as their goal is for research output thesis, research journal to be published. Their research in PhD has the rigour of research methods, that helps to focus on pointing out gaps or important issues in existing theories.

DBA degree students in UK will have to bring their contribution by combining research, experience  with clear outlook towards the business problems. DBA offers senior or middle management professionals to analyse business problem. They can present the findings of DBA degree research to respective companies. The choice of DBA topic is mostly the new and emerging issues. In fact, most DBA students will choose to tackle a business situation that is very familiar to them and provide a case-study view in their work.

  1. Career dimension changes

PhD courses are research degrees, rigorous  usually dedicated to candidates who aim to pursue a career in the academia, as researchers and professors and conduct research that contributes to knowledge or theory in a certain field.

DBAs are rather more suitable for middle working professionals, or DBA for senior working professionals impacts the job. The degree of DBA is ideal for those who are stagnating in their career. This is a degree that helps you to plan in advance, if your target is to seek a promotion in higher management positions. DBA is versatile as it helps in different business management fields across UK industry. However, DBA in UK are also qualified to engage in academic research, teach as guest professors and publish journals. DBA pass out individuals have shown to occupy strategic decision making positions.

  1. Engagement

Both PhD and DBA programmes are available as full time DBA degree in UK, part time DBA degree in UK, and some DBA degrees are also found as online DBA degree. It is due to the fact that Doctorate in Business Administration courses are specifically targeted towards working professionals.  MBA students in UK engaged in full-time jobs, will find part-time DBA programmes to suit their career.

  1. Study costs

Most often, tuition fees for PhD courses in UK are more affordable, compared to tuition fees for DBA degree in UK. For instance, the same university in the UK charges around 4,100 GBP per year for a PhD, whereas for a DBA, it charges 11,700 GBP per year.

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