Tricky internship interview questions for UK students


Tricky internship interview questions for UK students is like a Bible, for those who got UK internship interview call. From the vast UK student counselling experience in academics, STUNITED experts concluded that, ‘ UK internship interviewers are not looking for answers, they are testing how quickly you can reply in interview, what you need to state.’’ That’s a mix of presence of mind, a little bit of knowledge, weaving words. They can ask you to tell a joke, now your racing mind need to filter out jokes to meet interviewer expectations, suit the occasion, prove your intelligence and get the job done. All of these happen in fraction of seconds. While if you are not a social person, who never heard a joke, and have to Google to find one joke, then you have lost it.

It is evident from this example that UK interviewers want smart UK graduates, those UK students who go beyond books, theories, and prove in action with carefully selected words for interview reply. It is a check, if they are find you a good fit for the internship role in UK company.

Here are some tricky internship interview questions for UK students-

1. Why do you want to intern in this company ?

2. Which classes do you like the most and least in your university ?

3. What do you expect this internship position to be like?

4. Why should we hire intern like you?

5. What’s your goal with this internship?

6. Tell me about some of your school/college involvements and how they relate to this job?

7. What are your internship financial expectations?

8. What are your plans after UK graduation?

9. Why did you pick your major/minor?

10. What do you know about this specific industry in UK?

11. What are some trends that occurred in the past few years in our sector?

The bottom line of internship interview is preparation, for all the above tricky internship interview questions that you may be asked. Though it is evident, for all UK students searching for UK internships, everybody is different and their approach to internship interview will be different too. It is difficult to prepare for internship amidst academic pressure, as interviews can be high pressure face to face situations. Preparing for oddball interview questions is equally tougher.

Come and join STUNITED UK student guidance experts for career growth, and learn about UK internship interviews and more.

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