Seven steps to get ready for internships in UK


Seven steps to get ready for internships in UK


Prepare for internship positions in UK

When students prepare for internship positions in UK, they are likely to focus on their skills and then use scripted language for facing internship interviews.

However, STUNITED experts, recommend Seven steps to get ready for internships in UK, just relax! Read on. Be yourself during the interview. Most of the UK students in university try to redo student resume with their academic achievements. This is very natural strategy, but we recommend UK students to use relevancy of their experiences to be retold to the internship interviewers. It is not about the projection of what you did, but how you did it, and what were your learning which matters a lot to the UK internship interview. They are trying to ascertain UK student candidature for UK internship position and the fit of what they want in an intern, and the extent you are a perfect match for them.

Rule one for internship preparation

If you don’t prepare for internship interview, work hard to make interview manageable, your are missing the bus for sure. Internship interview preparation is not rote learning, neither to impress with UK accent that applies for international students applying for UK internship positions, but it is about being confident in internship interview, instead of being nervous. So you can be any nation, or you are UK University class topper, but, what matters most is your internship preparation to present yourself in front of UK internship interviewers.

Rule two is not only about you

Yes! it is not about you, it about internship position, the internship vacancy, what you will do, whether you know enough, what is your thinking or how will you approach the internship task, or simply what is your perception about internship position. It is a dynamic question and answer session, that decides how you as UK university student think, react to situations that convince them to say YES to your internship candidature.

Rule three is first impression makes lasting impressions

STUNITED UK student social networking platform and academic counsellors of higher education students have found out, yes! Impressions matter. STUNITED UK experts have crafter a student personal branding program to boost visibility and differentiate the student amidst the competition in finding a suitable position. Call or email to get in touch about internship preparation, UK student personal branding offers, and get going in your career branding now. Use these as your trump cards for applying to UK internship offers, International MNC internship offers.

Rule four is Take your time to speak or else listen

If you find your credentials and delivery is not matching during the first stage of the UK internship interview, then it is best to listen rather than to talk to impress that sounds gibberish. Internship Interviewee candidates speaking less, scores more, but speak when you are asked questions during interview to, not to babble. Structure your thinking and reply judiciously in interviews. Even if you don’t know the interview answer, present yours views as a ‘can do’ attitude but not as ‘I know it all, been there, done that’ attitude.

Rule five don’t fake or try to lie

This is important interviewers are sharp as eagle, so do not try to take things lightly, fake any of your answers, trying to prove a point with lies in an interview. You score marks being honest, simply by saying ‘I didn’t have exposure or knowledge about that area’..

Rule sixer is mind your body language

The moment interviewee walks in, hands in resume to interviewer, closed the door, ask permission to sit, you are being rated. Yes! STUNITED academic career counsellors recommend, eye contact with a light smile is what you need to do first. Non verbal communication is critical in your overall assessment of internship candidate selection process. No playing with your hair, no touching of face, neither crossed arms, be normal but gait should be purposive and confident in what you do.

Rule seven to score points in internship interview

Final blow! Yes during the last stage of your UK internship position, you can cover up the lost ground by asking company related internship interview questions, internship role in detail, any teams/department that interns will work. Avoid issues of internship pay, hours of working.

So here are the seven steps to get ready for internships in UK. STUNITED UK wishes you a best of luck. For any assistance for UK students internship you can call or email us, to initiate personal branding for UK students right now.

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