Switch to video CV. Brand yourself before applying for UK internship


Tell a story of your resume visually

Tell a story of your resume visually yes a video resume. It works, and is in demand, especially if you tell it in the form of a story. It is for sure to impress the internship hiring manager in UK. Tell in short what have you learned in your past (work experience, school projects, university projects) that would make you a great fit for this internship position.

Be brief, yes limit your video resume under two minutes, memorise your video transcript. So, write down the video transcript of video shoot, read it thrice to check sequence of content. Dress up, stand in front of mirror and practice thrice. Now test shoot on your smartphone for first video take. Show full energy as you speak, be sure to impress the internship recruiter in UK, practice in front of mirror reading the script, and then play back the recording.

Be specific

Be specific, to make a compelling video resume to make impact. Make sure to story tell your background/experience that makes you a perfect fit for that UK internship position. Add why you want to join internship role in the UK company, linking past roles that you have played in past, or specialisation in your UK university education that can contribute to the UK internship position.

Add a call-to-action

Add a call-to-action when you end your video resume, which motivates internship recruiters to take it, before checking your LinkedIn profile to see the rest of your employment history. A good call-to-action links your presentation skill, thoughts, communication to present 100% of your personal brand, to the hiring manager for internship vacancies in UK.

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