Key words in internship resume for applying internship vacancies in UK


Yes, you read that right, these are power key words in resume for internship vacancy in UK.

Each internship vacancy that you apply for, uses ATS application tracking software (in large organisations), to screen the volume of applicants and choose the relevant ones. Chances are you might not be in the list for next round and eliminated for the internship vacancy where you get less than 5 seconds on a CV to shortlist a candidate for a job interview. Not to mention that the CV should be written in a way to get the desired attention of the hiring manager! STUNITED UK largest social networking website for students in UK, has constituted the list of power key words in internship resume to get the internship position in UK.

#1. Enthusiastic or enthusiasm

Using the key words increases the quality of your resume. Therefore, the basic requirement for any internship is to write a resume that speaks about your personal qualities. The enthusiastic or enthusiasm whatsoever. Everyone likes an enthusiastic student in their internship team and such people are generally easier to get along well with diverse people in the team. Therefor use Enthusiastic or enthusiasm in internship resume for example , ‘’I ideate constantly and portray a lot of enthusiasm. I’m keen to work for a company with a great reputation and high profile.’’ Quick internship resume Tips: The more relevant keywords in your internship resume, the higher in search results you appear!

#2. Hardworking

This is one of the most important CV keywords in your internship resume, that make internship hiring managers to notice your internship resume. Assurance of hard work as an adjective, defining you as UK university student, is something every UK internship recruiter expects while taking in interns. A hard-working UK university student with similar academic degree, specialisation and grade stands to get selected as they can contribute to success to UK company. Quick internship resume Tips : Use the word ‘hardworking’ in internship resume, but back it up with real-life examples of how you can go the extra mile. ‘’By nature, I am a very hardworking person. I have overachieved my targets in past three quarters without fail, despite high attrition and reduced staffing within the team.’’

#3. Creative

Creativity in UK university student, is always the special trait and it never fails to get you brownie points. UK university student need to realise that it is the need of the hour in the much competitive world. Any UK internship hiring manager would choose a creative UK university student who definitely has an edge over other internship candidates. Use key word creative in internship resume. Quick internship resume Tips ’’ Creativity is my forte… at least that is what I always believe. I recently realized I play my guitar quite well, but that is not the only place where I shine at creativity. I am a good singer and I also write decent poetry!’’

#4. Inquisitive

The more inquisitive you are as UK university student, the more the internship hiring manager will like you. When you state you are an inquisitive university student, it means you are interested in knowing everything down deep, about the what, why, when, where, and how. Remember students, the functioning of the company in Britain, is driven by asking problems, finding root causes, and solutions. It is a skill that internship organisations want, as it helps to look at problem from different angles. Remember if you are keen on learning and knowing everything as UK university student, this can help you, in improving your UK academic performance. Use key word Inquisitive in internship resume. Quick internship resume Tips: ’I have an inquisitive nature which drives me to learn more on the job everytime.’’

#5. Fast learner

Every new internship position in UK, has something different to learn for sure, which can be about the sector, the product/services offered. And internship engagement is for few weeks, is limited hence be a fast learner in internship company. You can learn about British work culture in internship or MNC work procedure in virtual internship during COVID19. As an UK university student you need to be willing to accept all that and the sooner it is, the better it is for internship performance as a student. Use key word fast learner in internship resume. Quick internship resume Tips ‘Being a fast learner, I love to pick up new technologies, tools, and tricks. These help me become more productive in my university academic tasks.’’.

#6. Dedicated

Dedication as UK university student, towards in your studies is a word that no internship hiring manager, would say no to. Dedicated university students give their best, in whatever task they take up, no matter how complex, simple, big or small it is. What more would an internship hiring manager want from his intern? Use key word dedicated in internship resume. Quick internship resume Tips ‘I always try to prove myself as a dedicated resource for my university group tasks. Even as an intern, I will try to put in my best possible efforts and help the team achieve its targets.’’

#7. Motivated

When internship recruiters find this word on your internship resume, they know that you are university student who can handle the issues, problems, worse situations. UK companies want solutions to business problems which is internship task. You must show yourself to be motivated and project the capability to think of ways to resolve it. Use key word motivated in internship resume. Quick internship resume Tips: ‘’As an student, I always stay motivated at university group projects. Motivation drives me to accomplish activities related to work and achieve my goals.’’

#8. Determined

By adding this key word in internship resume, you are telling the internship hiring manager, that you stay focused to meet your targets. Here, you also clearly communicate that distractions cannot deter you from fulfilling your targets. Use key word determined in internship resume. Quick internship resume Tips: ‘I can promise you that I am determined to act on my targets with complete dedication.’’

9. Goal-oriented

Goal-oriented keyword in internship resume, will signify that you as a candidate is a goal-oriented resource. It implies you have the ability to set clear-cut goals. You have orientation and vision to set for the long-term as well as short-term goals for any task. Internship recruiters therefore know that such candidates for internship will strive hard become successful in internship position. Use key word goal-oriented in internship resume. Quick internship resume Tips: ‘’I am a goal-oriented person. I have several key goals set for my personal and professional life, that I am seeking to accomplish in the coming few years.’’

#10. Try to be Asset

Assets are something that internship company can totally rely on. Yes university students showing their competencies in internship is testifying about their individuality as an asset. It is a value for internship company as they can rely on you, your solutions and inputs during internship. if you can assure to be an asset to the internship company, you can be sure of getting the work placement. Use key word ‘try to be asset’ in internship resume. Quick internship resume Tips: ‘’I can be an asset to any organization by using all the valuable qualities and experiences I earned from my past jobs.’’

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