How to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Business?


What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a specific type of marketing that mainly focuses on utilizing important leaders/influencers to drive your brand’s message to a wider market. Influencer marketing is closely associated with social media marketing as well as content marketing. The influencer campaigns have some elements of social media marketing, in which influencers are expected to circulate the word through their social media channels.

Who is an influencer?

An influencer is someone with the authority to affect the buying decisions of others. An influencer has the authority or power to do this as they have the understanding, awareness, position, and a strong and enduring bond with their audience. Influencers normally develop a forte and dynamically engage with them. It is important to remember that influencer marketing is different from celebrity marketing, even though it emerged from celebrity marketing. Influencers are experts whose followers have an interest or inquisitiveness in a similar business/topic.

Why is influencer marketing important?

According to reports, around 66% of consumers are overwhelmed by excessive online marketing messages, and roughly 20% of the customers tend to stay away from a brand because of too many adverts. Under such circumstances, marketers need to be concerned about influencer content as it offers the perfect solution for the advert fatigue, enhances authenticity, and helps in developing trust.

Influencer marketing can help in creating an on-going exchange of conversation with customers; thereby can influence people in various ways. In place of getting diminishing returns from digital adverts, the influencer marketing can not only drive higher reach but also ensure continuous engagement and exchanges that drive business, offering you metrics that matter and are in line with the business goals that include:

  • Drawing new customers
  • Increasing the number of repeat purchases
  • Enhancing customer loyalty
  • Optimizing customer lifetime revenue


How Can Influencers Help Your Business?

Typical ways in which influencers can help in growing your business

  • Presenting a blog post/ or vlog regarding your product/services
  • Sharing information and promoting your business on their social media accounts
  • Offer you access to their site and let you write a guest post
  • Posting pictures on Instagram,


How to build your influencer marketing strategy

Defining Your Target Audience

It is recommended to step back and evaluate the targeted audience. Who are you trying to reach and influence? What is the target market for your business messages? Knowing your audience will help you to understand the type of influencers you need to collaborate and work with.

Defining Your Goals

The shared goals for the majority of the influencer marketing campaigns are developing brand awareness, increasing followers on social media, influencing people to try a product/service, and enhancing sales.

Defining the way to measure success

It is important to understand the way you intend to measure your success. This can indicate the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you intend to attain. By instituting an appropriate tracking process, you will be able to detect where a particular buyer is in the decision trajectory, that is, awareness regarding the brand, purchase consideration, inclination towards the brand, or brand loyalty.

Identifying influencers

Based on the budget and other constraints of your marketing campaign, there are primarily four mechanisms to identify and choose influencers-

  • Using business networks: A network can have a strong association with the influencers and help you to connect to them. However, you will need to search and investigate them before reaching out.
  • Using databases: You can carry out site scrapping and draw publicly available data. In this method, it will be important to spend time inspecting the influencers and communicating with them.
  • Google: This process calls for individual searches, then skimming webpages for collecting important information, and then filling spreadsheets to monitor everything.
  • Marketplaces: An open market will provide the database by drawing in real-time information.

Content partnership and workflow of the campaign

The most important component of an influencer marketing campaign is developing unique and valuable content. It is important to develop contents that are compelling to the target audience, sounds authentic, and something that supports the objective of the brand. The content should align with the interests of the audience, and the brand story and include the unique perspective of the creator of the content.

It is necessary to give your influencers an experience of your brand and let them get immersed in your brand so that they can get something to talk about. Essentially, creative inspirations from such experiences that are lined up with your brand message can help you to grow your business.

Optimise the distribution process

The process does not stop with using influencers to create valuable content that draws the right audiences. It is not enough to just stop after posting content on an influencer’s site and across various social media channels. So, what else needs to be done? It is necessary to develop a content strategy to spread out its usefulness to your overall strategy of marketing. You can use the content of influencers in different quotes as well as testimonials. Even you can consider sharing your content among an out-and-out devoted section of your brand’s newsletter, and feature premier celebrity influencers in conventional or digital adverts.

Monitoring the process and using analytics

Various metrics and mechanisms for measurement can be used to analyse the rate of achievement of your business goals. You can use the below mentioned online action maps to gauge where the consumer is in the decision trajectory:

  • For awareness, you can analyse the reach and views
  • For brand consideration, you can track the number of clicks, content views, comments, and votes
  • For analysing the degree of preference of consumers, it will be important to track the number of sharing, likes, follows, social listening, brand learning, and data capture.
  • For evaluating purchase consideration, you can monitor the rate of conversion to sale, tracking tags, coupon offers
  • For studying loyalty, you can track the number of referrals, sharing, and other user-generated content

Here, a technical solution can help in collecting and analysing this data. You can utilise this data to boost your influencer marketing plans. Also, you can use this data to rank the influencers based on productivity, recognize the type of content that resonates best with your target audience, and identify the social channels that are best for distribution.


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