10 Common Blogging Mistakes that can be avoided


Starting to write a new blog is exciting. It is yet another opportunity to share your information with the masses. However, as a new blogger just starting, it can also be a very daunting process. Here are some common blogging mistakes that new writers make, and recommendations for avoiding those mistakes:

Common Blogging Mistakes

Mistake 1: Making the content complex.

People often think that complexity is an indication of academic excellence, intellect, or sophistication. However, in reality, the opposite is true. A successful blogger always narrates simple stories to illustrate a complex idea. Therefore, you can consider simplifying your messages while writing your next blog to help readers process your post and be influenced by you in lesser time.

Mistake 2: Publishing content daily

As a new blogger, you might have a misconception that you need to publish daily. At the time when you publish new blog posts without adding any additional value in that exchange, then you end up wasting your reader’s time. Also, cluttering up people’s emails with your new publications can annoy them. Your readers need to get excited to see another email from you. Therefore, it is advisable to not publish and waste people’s precious time and space with an unending stream of blog posts. Choose to write only when you have something interesting to say and avoid sending posts with recycled content.

Mistake 3: The only intention is SEO

Try to write for your targeted audience first, and later think about optimizing for search engines. Do not allow Google to affect your creativity and transform you into a keyword processing instrument. However, it is also not advisable to completely ignore keyword research as SEO is a specific system for developing content that ranks higher in search engines. The higher the ranks of your posts, the more website views you will get.

Mistake 4: Too much focus on word count

The general perception is that more content is at all times better. However, this is a misconception and the task of a writer is not just to push more words. Instead, the job of a writer is to communicate the entire message within the word count (length of the text) it takes to entirely communicate that message.

Mistake 5: You don’t use simple language

The use of jargon and confusing words slows down your readers. They stop and think about the meaning of the sentence/word you have written. Therefore, you can make your blog posts as simple and easy to read as possible. You can also cut redundant words and replace difficult words with simpler ones. Writing in plain and simple language can help in engaging your readers more and save their time.

Mistake 6: Writing flat conclusions

Writing flat conclusion is another common blogging mistake. Try not to write weak conclusions. Ensure that you exert efforts and zeal into writing a conclusion that influences and boosts your readers.

Mistake 7: Confused about your target readers

When a new blogger does not have an idea about who their targeted audience is, then their blog posts become very generic. Usually, they end up addressing a crowd, but not specifically speaking to anyone.

Mistake 8: You do not spend time editing your posts

It is often not possible to write flawless posts in the first attempt. Consider reviewing it again and again to check the flow of the post, and spelling and grammar issues. You can also try to refine the sentences, cut long sentences, replace difficult words with simple ones, and remove redundant words and fillers.

Mistake 9: Ignoring social media promotion

It is seen that 70% of high-earning and successful bloggers aggressively promote their new blog posts, and undeniably, it increases traffic when they constantly share articles on the appropriate social media platforms. Therefore, your job does not end with publishing a good blog post. You also need to promote your content on the right platforms.

Mistake 10: Not paying enough attention to developing your email list

An email list is an extremely important resource for high-earning bloggers. Successful bloggers prioritize their email list very much as compared to low-income earning bloggers or new bloggers. If you are thinking about developing your email list, then you always resort to offering some free things (ebooks, videos, mini contents, etc.) in exchange for email registration.


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