How to change UK companies perception about UK International student’s employability factor


In an ever growing multicultural world, UK stands out in both UK academia and UK job/career destination attracting individuals from world over. However, the reality of UK job market is totally different. They are using softwares to filter out student CVs, so your chances diminish even if you are a topper and class best performer in UK academics. When you try to channelize your energy and effort as an international student you are competing with the Native UK people for jobs, but it is tough to tell who will get the job (if there is a single vacancy).

Stunited student networking website in UK has found that UK companies are no longer resort to attracting best brains for their business. There has been age old system of UK job vacancies and conventional UK job application route. However, the students in UK are now resorting to create a pull strategy by pushing their personal brand. This is called Self branding in UK, or also termed as personal branding UK, that is new level of using self concept and influencer marketing over digital media. We at STUNITED increase the international students to personal branding quotient by creating a uniform image for UK employers. The personal branding strategy demonstrates his or her thoughts, vision, outlook, values and contributes to the overall reputation in the perceptual mindspace of prospective UK employers. This branding form is a growing trend among celebrities that has been applied for international students in UK to improve employability factor. It is a new dimension that is revolutionising the UK job sector, job application process, attracting talent, using power of social media.

Join STUNITED largest student network platform in UK as it represents a successful Marketing Strategy for you as an individual to launch personal branding in UK and career branding in UK. This is a proven method to alter the UK companies perception about UK International student’s employability factor.

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