How to build a career in UK by self branding


So you have pursued a degree (Bachelors and Masters) in UK and is a job seeker. Presenting some tips on how to build a career in UK by self branding. Read on.

So when you are a job seeker in UK, fresh graduate passed out of UK university life, it is much easier to craft a strategy on personal branding in UK, rather than search jobs on UK job sites. However, there is a catch, you have to start this early, yes, almost the first day of your UK college.

Lets think about a situation, you are not known in your friend circle, what do you do? Second scenario, you are famous in your friend circle but no one knows in your UK job hunting arena. So you realise that there is a career transition happening as you leave UK academic world and want to join first job offer in UK company. But question is how to do it smartly?

We at STUNITED UK build student networking capabilities that spans from first year to the first job. Yes, as a student in UK, when you seek your first job, we can help you. Help to build student career in UK comes in many forms. Our experts in student career counsellors in UK state, that the most effective way is to create personal branding of international students in UK. The identity of you as UK student pursuing a degree needs to be created, and the student visibility in UK needs to be maintained. Remember, when you are a job seeker in UK, from college life or UK university life you are entering a corporate world, a transition is happening. You are not known in these circles.

So creating a student personal brand in UK, needs a push strategy to project you as a brand to the right UK job market segment and at right time. How will the people know amongst the same thousands of degree holders? You have to create and push your personal brand, project what you think and start building visibility on others digitally. You need to state and explain your line of work to others, with business or organisational applicability to market your thoughts and make impact. However this is not a one day affair, you need to have be proactive career branding strategy in UK.

In order to make an impact in UK job market, you need to understand what it takes, talk to our STUNITED UK personal branding relationship manager to help introvert or extrovert students to get going in personal branding in UK to carve out a niche in build a career in UK by self branding.

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