How I Got Over 80% on my Master’s Thesis?


How to get higher grades in your Master’s Thesis? In this video, Rosie Crawford, suggests important tips for writing a master’s dissertation and recommends effective ways of getting good grades.

She explains in this video how the first steps of writing your master’s dissertation will be backbreaking, but she adds that starting early and scheduling your tasks shall assist you to get ready and prepare in good time.

Rosie, in this vlog, also talks about writing things down as and when you read things and get some idea in your mind. This is because you might forget it and might end up spending an extensive amount of time forming the structure of your thesis and presenting the final research paper. She also adds that the first draft of your dissertation paper might not be perfect, and you might need to proofread and edit  the draft it a number of times before your dissertation is ready for final submission. Thus, starting early will also help you in improving the draft as much as needed.

In addition to this, this vlog post also talks about the importance of using a Gantt chart that can clearly show the schedule for writing the dissertation.  Rosie Crawford explains how the entire dissertation can be broken down into important elements that need to be completed. The time frame (that is, the start and the finish date) for each element of the task can help in tracking and evaluating your progress.

This video also addresses how references can be appropriately used in a dissertation. While there is no particular way to use references in a dissertation in the best way, this video suggests a few ways in which references can be used correctly in dissertations.


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