Essential guide for pre and post internship interview for UK students


Essential guide for pre and post internship interview for UK students

Here is the essential guide for pre and post internship interview for UK students.

Practice internship interviews

Yes, Practice internship interviews there is no alternative. Essential guide for pre and post internship interview for UK students. This hard work will prove to be a smart work for you. If you want to sail through the internship interview rounds. It’s a good idea to engage in one mock internship interview every evening before the D day arrives. Your higher education career, gets a tremendous boost, through the finetuning of interview skills that impacts your employability. Practising internship interview is the first task , that will help you to be ready with the questions and answers pertaining to what you have studied in the university, the course, and more specifically the specialisation. You can practise internship interview answers with your batchmate, someone you trust – possibly you can record entire mock internship interview, using your smartphone and then watch the video to review your mock internship interview performance.

Similarly a mock session over the telephonic interview can be conducted. All of these is worth, as you are exposing to interview situations and answers. Therefore, testing your telephone connection and making sure that your laptop, microphone is working and you know how to use them before virtual internship actually happens.

For virtual internship interviews you may also need:


headset/earphones (with microphone)

log in for the software, build awareness about GoogleMeet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom that  you may need to use for internship interview.

What to arrange for internship interview in an office:

notebook and pen

internship CV printed and interview invitation in email

your academic certificates (scanned) and work examples/project if requested

photo ID proof

breath mints or gum (if required)

a bottle of water (small)

money for transport and food.


What to wear for an internship interview

UK employers expect UK internship candidates to dress smartly. The definition of looking good and dressing smartly varies and differs in perception. There is however, many debates of what colours to wear, as fashion trends evolve. But interviews are not for those casual wears that is a trend in office. Remember to wear formals for internship with white shirt, a necktie and a blazer or suit. If it is an internship  at work, then everyday you need to dress smartly, which is even difficult. However, for the internship interview outfit, remember to use sober colours, grey, steel, off white, white, slate, mix of black and blue, midnight blue.

If you’re unsure on the dress code, ask your UK University batchmates, or someone who have attended internship interview already or even your seniors. Before attending the interview, remember your dressing sense reflects your persona, so wearing loud colours impacts the interviewee perception.

For online internship interviews make sure you dress up smartly, as though the interview is done virtually.


Things to do after internship interview in UK

As your internship interview comes to an end, make sure you ask about the issues like  when can know about the outcome. Make sure you thank the interviewer for giving you the chance, and that you have enjoyed speaking on range of issues in the interview session.

Make some notes about internship interview questions that were asked. WHY, you may need to answer them, if there is a second round of internship interview with the senior manager from the company. Noting down helps, as these points discussed in the internship  interview will be fresh in your memory. It will help you prepare even better for future internship interviews.

Three potential outcomes of internship interview:

There are three outcomes of internship interviews. I) Success II) Rejection III) Further steps.

Success – if you’re offered the internship job you are the winner. Remember to share this news only after an email confirmation and not the verbal offer made. Discussion with friends and family will help you to understand the challenges, modalities of joining or accepting the internship offer. Please reread and double-check internship job offer details ,such as the paid internship or non paid internship, before deciding whether to accept.

Rejection – if you’re unsuccessful well don’t feel sad. Instead, buckle up and prepare for the next internship job search. Remember feeling negative will not solve your goal to get internship job in UK. Lingering on the negative emotion will not work for internship application strategy. Reality is, that UK employers receive large numbers of internship applications from every UK university and from every student in your degree or specialisation. Imagine the competition for internship vacancies in UK. Now, why will you be selected amongst hundreds of internship candidates. Do you have it in you? to qualify for that internship role? Ask yourself why were you rejected in interview.  Email the company to thank them for the internship interview opportunity, and request a feedback for your interview performance. This will probably a turning point to change yourself for better for improving your internship interview performance next time.

Further steps – Internship interviews depends on the company policy. Therefore, if there are final stage in the internship application procedure then you have to appear for more rounds in future. This can be for either single position and company cannot decide, and will take one candidate. On the other hand, there are several positions of internship available across specialisations or departments, but if the employer has not been able to make a decision yet, then you have to wait, as you may be asked back for a second interview with departmental head for the internship vacancy that you have applied for.


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