Working in Britain after your degree in 2021


So if you are an international student, Working in Britain after your degree in 2021, then you must be aware of the British government Graduate route in 2021. There is a new Graduate immigration route for prospective international students who wish to study and build a career in an international platform. First things first, you must be in the UK in order to be eligible to apply for the UK graduate route. Secondly, you must have a valid student visa or a Tier4 visa. It is a possibility will be awarded a UK degree or you have been awarded a UK degree, that helps you to switch to the UK Graduate route.

Yes if you are an international student, you will require the following, your CSS number and the student or type of visa, which is mentioned in the application form, or the email sent to you by the CAS team. You need to show your current passport of your country of origin, along with a biometric residence permit BRP card. Remember that your dependents are allowed, provided they are already in the UK as a PBS student is dependent. And of course, the mandatory health charges for each applicant is 624 GBP annually so it’s 1248 GBP for 2 years, 1875 GBP for 3 years. For the majority of the international students, the graduate applicant route of the application process in the UK is entirely digital. So your application will have your UK visas processed in GOVThe.UK, need to use the UK visas immigration account use the smartphone app ‘UK immigration ID check’ to verify your identity.

Please remember this UK Graduate route does not count to words a settlement which means you can change to apply in other routes after two or three years of stay in the UK, like Global talent route UK or Innovator route UK or UK Skill worker route. If your time for the student visa has expired before the 1st of July 2021 then you are not eligible and Graduate Route, it cannot be processed forward for you as an applicant. So do you want to get the best options for Working in Britain after your degree in 2021? Get all the support and guidance for PSWPost-study work in UK 2021 here with us.

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