Why University of Northampton is the ultimate study destination?


Situated in Northampton, UK, the University of Northampton is considered to be one of the most prominent public universities. Northampton Technical College, established in the year 1924, went through constant evolution, and the University of Northampton was finally instituted in the year 2005 after the consolidation of a host of training institutions. In the same year (that is, the year 2005) the University of Northampton acquired the power to award a research degree and gained the status of the university. It is also among one of the few institutions that have been conferred the Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework, besides the title of ‘Changemaker Campus‘ in 2012. Well-equipped with modern facilities, this university started the operations of a new campus of £330 million in 2018, called Waterside.

The Northampton University has four main faculties, namely, Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology, Faculty of Health and Society, Faculty of Business and Law, and Faculty of Education and Humanities. This institution of higher education offers undergraduate as well as post-graduate courses in different streams, besides arranging varied tutorials as well as seminars for the all-inclusive development of students. As per records, more than 1000 international students from over 100 different nations enroll themselves with this university for pursuing studies yearly. In addition to this, the Northampton University also delivers conferencing along with business facilities through diverse centers, namely, Portfolio Innovation Centre, Innovation Centre, Sunley Hotel, and iCon Environmental Innovation Centre. The undergraduate Joint Honours courses, along with all undergraduate Business, Computing, and Engineering programs deliver the option of a full year in a work placement. Several courses entail volunteering chances, study trips, placements, and internship opportunities. Additionally, this university also gives accommodation facilities to the students to give them the best experience. Again, it proudly runs its Schools Engagement Team and Schools and Colleges Liaison Team, which frequently organizes various activities to motivate and stimulate youths. In the year 2016, this esteemed university also started working together with Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation and Northamptonshire County Council to introduce a new venture titled “First for Wellbeing’’.


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