Why Is It Good To Implement Influencer Marketing For Educational Brands?


Why Is It Good To Implement Influencer Marketing For Educational Brands?

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the overall framework of the educational segment. Approximately, 1.3 billion students have suffered owing to the closing of educational institutions. Learners and teachers have been compelled to become accustomed to digital instruction and learning mechanisms. However, several educational institutes were not successful in this digital shift. Also, the pandemic turned out to be a litmus test for numerous institutions and the type of instruction they provide.

It is observed that conventional marketing techniques such as seminars, conferences, meetings, discussions and workshops do not attract GenZ youths anymore. Nowadays, around 80% of young adults devote the majority of their time following social media influencers and trust their content more than anything. Therefore, educational institutes can generate impact through the finest stratagem-influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has a 650% return on investment, which is a huge figure. This causes increased brand awareness, which in due course generates conversions. As per findings of a study undertaken by gen. video, approximately 33% of GenZ youths trust the recommendations and guidance of social media influencers. This post presents a list of factors that explains why it is good to implement Influencer Marketing for Educational Brands.

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Influencer Marketing Develops Trust with Your Educational Brand

Around 92% of consumers trust recommendations and suggestions over brands, even when they do not know them personally. Influencers have endeavored to build relationships, credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness with their followers. Essentially, their followers consider them to be specialists in their fields and respect their opinions and suggestions. Consumers tend to naturally value and trust the data and facts they receive regarding a college/education service from someone they rely more than the brand by its very nature.

Enhances Brand Awareness

For educational brands, Influencer marketing is an effective technique for broadening your reach and positioning. When social media influencers suggest or mention the products/services of your brand, then it certainly helps you gain higher visibility and develops brand awareness. You will get the scope of reaching an involved audience who will enthusiastically learn more about the products/services of your educational brands, about you, and what you offer.

Improves Your Content Stratagem

Influencers can make superior quality, diverse and entertaining content featuring your brand and will share it on their social channels with a dedicated list of adherents. Again, you too can share this fascinating content on the business accounts of the educational brands. However, do not forget to tag the influencer and give them due credit for their content on your post. Therefore, sharing influencer content is certainly an innovative way to bridge the gaps and inadequacies of your content agenda. For educational brands, the awesome content might be a blog post from college alumni who went on a tour of your educational institute or a critical review report from an educator regarding tutoring assistance they prefer and suggest.

Effectually reaches your target addresses

As educational brands, if you operate with influencers in your niche, your brand is effectively positioned in front of relevant addresses that are already interested in the category of products/services in which you deal. For example, if you provide tutoring services/online learning services for university students, then your target addresses would be young adults who are presently inquisitive about content related to higher education. If you can reach a highly concentrated and pertinent group audience, the probability of sales conversions is much higher.

Affordable and Budget Friendly Approach

Educational brands do not need a huge marketing budget to get associated with a digital influencer. In place of using the majority of your budget proportion on influencers with huge followers, educational brands can also try to get associated with micro-influencers with active followers of around two to ten thousand followers. Even though micro-influencers have a lesser number of followers, they do have higher access to niche communities, and higher rates of engagement on average. Also, they are comparatively more accessible and open to any type of feedback, and eager to work with small brands as well. They are relatively cost-effective for brands with low budgets. With the low costs, you can work with multiple influencers to reach wider as well as highly engaged addresses.


Besides the aforementioned sides, Influencer marketing has many other advantages that educational brands can utilize in their favor. To a large extent, it depends on finding the right talent for your brand (influencers’ content that suits and aligns with your business objectives). Also, it is important to understand how to use this marketing strategy effectively and in a well-timed manner.

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