Why interning in social enterprise in UK helps in better opportunities


Why interning in social enterprise in UK helps in better opportunities


Interning in social enterprise in UK is probably the last thing in your mind. Why interning in social enterprise in UK helps in better opportunities infact is better for every student in UK university instead of big brand names for internship. However, you realise when your friends in a stint in social enterprise have picked up rare skills, that of problem solver in internship and have themselves become entrepreneur with first round of funding for start-ups in UK. How cool is that? So, there is a mix of managerial skills of problem solving skills, and additional skills like entrepreneurship mindset.

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Our have experts who conclude that much of the it depends on what student aspirations and career goals are. A social enterprise in UK is a type of business organisation, that has a financial bottom line, but also has a social and environmental mission. Each of these goals is seen as equal, so the financial results should not detract from the business’s social or environmental impact, and vice versa. If you’re interning at a UK social enterprise, you should care about all three goals. It does not matter whether the internship company is large, medium or small. The takeaways from UK social enterprise internship the learnt or acquired skills that matters a lot.

What kind of skills UK University students learn working at UK social enterprise?

STUNTIED UK founder Chairman Mr Manas Mukherjee stated, ” It depends on the social enterprise and their field of work area, in which they operate, as they run the gamut. There are small social enterprises in UK comprising of three or four people, when compared to large UK companies that employ thousands of employees across locations. Depending on the size of the organisation, as UK university student intern will probably be called upon to wear many different hats. The major issue however is, the social enterprise organisations in UK, all have in common is a focus on social or environmental outcomes, while keeping a financial mindset. In terms of skills or experiences which UK student could learn: is dependent on UK organisation, and who you’re working with. You should choose an organisation for internship, that’s aligned with your internal values. It is a like a type of world that you want to contribute to, especially for UK economy.’’

Social entrepreneurship, de facto, ‘’ requires you to be more entrepreneurial that involves creating thinking, willing to test your belief that a strategy to resolve business problem will work. You’re are in-charge, more empowered, inventing the wheel in social enterprise, or in other words, you’re called upon to think on your feet. As an intern in UK social enterprise, you are likely to be surrounded by process-based innovation and also learn non-traditional methods to solve actual business problems. And UK university student intern more likely to have an experience that is holistic in its view of the world. It includes range of business challenges, sector challenges, and that of UK social enterprises characteristic challenges. You need to think deep, prioritise each strategy, to care about sustainability in UK social enterprise, which MNC internships do not offer to UK university students.”

Would an internship encourage more young people to start their own social enterprises?

STUNTIED UK founder Chairman stated, ” It’s not that an internship paves the way for UK University students to start-up straight away.. begin their own business or social enterprises in UK. Instead, Interning in social enterprise in UK creates a path of clarity a vision in interns, which I believe is an internal call’’. You realise, ‘I like this and I didn’t like that’. What anyone chooses to do afterwards is up to them, but it gives young UK University graduate new experiences through hands-on learning, and the capacity to build a network of resources to access once they are out of school. They have this pool of resources, contacts and UK University Professors who would help the UK university student to tap and expand social enterprise in UK to grow contribute to UK economy, whether they choose to work for a social enterprise or not. choose an organisation for internship that adds value to UK student career, so ideally passing out with UK degree can branch out to either normal jobs in sectors or towards startup in UK which the UK intern can exploit through crowdfunding in UK. Chances of personal growth in entrepreneurship in UK through the startup in UK is higher, provided the cause of social enterprise is just and right. I believe Interning in social enterprise in UK offers a great learning experience, and choosing social enterprise organisation for internship in UK is the right decision for UK students.‘’

The above article on Why interning in social enterprise in UK helps in better opportunities, therefore clears the doubt of internship in UK social enterprises offer steep learning.

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