Who is an influencer manager and how to become one?


Who is an influencer manager and how to become one?

The influencer marketing manager is a preferred position nowadays and is in high demand, as we learned from the facts and stats in the last blog “Do you think influencer marketing is a lucrative career?“. However, this job is extremely new and people still doubt whether it will be possible for them to deal with all the responsibilities of the job. In this post, let’s learn in detail about the influencer marketing (IM) manager job, the purpose of the job, duties and responsibilities, desired behavior and qualification, and skills you need to have to cope with the accountabilities.

Who is an influencer manager?

An influencer manager is a specialist who handles and deals with the works of influential people/influencers in the market. They generally control the actions and schedules of the influencer marketers on different social media platforms, oversee influencer marketing projects and contribute to the success of the projects. Also, their job is to think about advanced strategies to promote the company’s products/services, develop content, and make serious efforts to help the influencer stand out. Therefore, the primary aim of these professionals is to control as well as execute influencer marketing projects and contribute positively to the success of the projects.

Generally, an influencer marketing strategy implemented by a business might take some time (weeks or even a few months) to show results. Large-sized firms collaborate with nano or micro-influencers in the market to promote their products/services to a specific target market. It can be highly challenging for the managers to deal with their work and manage so much content together with other tasks executed. Thus, it has led to the introduction of a new position of influencer manager in the marketing division of businesses, who will be accountable for building strong associations to work together with every influencer and oversee and manage the IM marketing strategy of the company.

Purpose of the job:

As the influencer marketing manager, you’ll be responsible for managing and developing social media strategies, and planning and implementing effective social media as well as influencer campaigns. Eventually, you should be able to enhance brand awareness and improve engagement of the targeted audience across a wide array of social media platforms and be capable of presenting reports on the effectiveness of the projects undertaken. As an IM manager, you also need to have great multi-tasking skills, a thorough understanding of the brand and need to be comfortable in presenting innovative ideas and outcomes to both clients as well as the internal team members. The purpose of this new position is to address both the present customers and the prospects, effectively implement social skills and use various analytics tools. Also, you will have to work collaboratively with the content management team, public relations team, paid/owned/earned media, data analytics, and insights division, and present your reports to the management.

Key Responsibilities

  • Audience: Work along with the data science experts and audience insights squad and effectively utilize the social listening gears to detect and develop an understanding regarding the target audience, and current trends in the market.
  • Establish clear goals: It is important to agree on the objectives of the campaign, awareness regarding the brand, retention of customers, building online reputation, and generating leads as an initial point.
  • Craft a social strategy: Work together with the internal team of the customers, PR agencies, content team, and digital marketing team to define and handle the social strategy. This might include operating collaboratively with the paid/owned/earned team at the time of intensifying social campaigns.
  • IM strategies: An influencer manager needs to be able to develop and implement influencer marketing stratagems and campaigns.
  • Searching for decent influencers: IM managers need to look for decent influencers appropriate for the company forte and develop strong and enduring associations with social influencers
  • Developing network: For an IM manager, it will be important to develop networking and build brand awareness by attending events, maximizing organic social media presence, taking part in brand partnerships, uploading podcasts, and many other ways.
  • Content Management: Working on content (that is to say, developing content ideas, writing, collaborating with other writers) that are aligned with the objectives of the company
  • Evaluation: IM managers also need to perform detailed research on the targeted addresses, and rivals in the markets, and carry out a comparative assessment of the achievements and return on investments.
  • Look for innovative approaches and follow trends: In this segment of the business, you’ll have to always look for new and innovative approaches and tactics to continuously improve the campaigns, follow the current trends in the market, and keep an eye on the latest technologies that need to be used.

Requisite qualifications & skills

  • Demonstrated work experience within different platforms of social media
  • Proficiency in handling multiple platforms of social media
  • Capacity to deliver innovative ideas for the content
  • Expertise in online marketing approaches and channels
  • Proficiency in social listening as well as community management tools, for example, BrandWatch, Pulsar, Sprout, and many others.
  • Capacity to estimate future trends in digital tools, technologies, and machinery, and act proactively
  • Maintain excellent communication skills
  • Multitasking ability and analytics skills
  • Must have the right to work in the UK

Required behaviour

  • Ability to work alone and with different divisions across the business
  • Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written)
  • Expertise in planning, and managing social media platforms and campaigns conducted by influencers
  • Process-driven and demonstrating proficiency in delivering work in a well-timed manner
  • Spirited, passionate, proactive, and driven
  • Commercial and creative bent of mind
  • A go-getter with patience and respect toward other’s viewpoint

How to Become a Successful Influencer Manager?

As interest in Influencer Marketing is increasingly growing, it implies that a large percentage of people are interested in this career and would desperately want to get it. Nevertheless, people often ask the question-“How to land one influencer marketing job if this career is not directly taught in educational institutions discretely? People also ask whether it is possible to develop the skills and gain relevant experiences that are required for this position. In this post, six simple tips are described in detail to help you immediately gain an idea regarding the ways to become an IM manager

  • Develop an understanding of the community value of a particular brand

Influencers are a strong representative of a particular community with its ideals, standards, and style of communication. This implies that each one of them has its atypical styles in terms of its content selection, style of interaction, and others. Therefore, the IM managers need to be experts in evaluating their behavior and adjusting their marketing content to it as far as possible

An influencer is a major representative of a certain community with its values and style of communication. It means that each of them has its peculiarities when it comes to the content posted, interaction, hashtags, etc. The influencer manager should analyze this behavior and adapt the marketing content to it to the full.

Besides this, the selection of influencers is also a very crucial task for a manager. It is imperative to search and select an influencer who rightly reflects the values of the brand and can easily resonate with the targeted audience to meet the pre-determined goals of the company.

  • Use of advanced technology

The use of advanced technologies, tools, and machinery by the IM managers can help in effectively planning and managing marketing projects. It is a continuous practice of looking out for new and appropriate influencers, adding relevant content, gaining approval for the content, and communicating efficiently with internal as well as external teams, to ensure that the process is in check. Therefore, the managers need to be proficient in handling the tools that are used to schedule posts, allocate tasks, control and oversee performance, analyze data, and handle diverse planners as well as messengers to work productively.

  • Develop strong and enduring associations

An elementary factor that influences the rate of success of a marketing campaign is the positive relationship of the influencer with the business entity. Therefore, the IM manager needs to comprehend the ability of the influencer and establish a warm and working relationship with them. Any disappointment and displeasure with the activities of the manager might reflect on the overall efficiency of the campaign, hence you have to stay in touch with all the influencers and deliver necessary assistance as and when required.

  • Follow the current influencer marketing trends

IM is constantly developing and we can notice the new updates, developments, and trends in this direction. IM managers need to devise effective strategies to generate a higher number of leads and enhance rates of conversion; therefore, they must be conversant with the latest trends

  • Evaluate performance metrics frequently

It is essential to understand the effectiveness of a marketing campaign and this is possible by evaluating the metrics. As an IM manager, you need to find appropriate tools that will allow you to interpret accurate outcomes on the efficiency of the IM strategy. It often transpires that the performance metrics display results that indicate updates or certain changes in the current strategy to attain the pre-determined goals.

  • Know in detail about the previous IM operations of the company

Knowing in detail about the previous IM operations of the firm will help you to find out what tactic/strategy has already been used by the company, tactics that failed to work or worked excellently before, who the influencers were, and the relationships between the company and the influencers and many others. These valuable insights will help you bypass the probable mistakes and achieve the desired results.

  • Align the goals and purpose of your IM strategy with the objectives of the company

Every business establishment has a goal, mission, and vision and influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways of achieving the determined objectives of the company. Therefore, the objectives of your IM marketing campaign need to reflect the phases and steps to attain the primary goals. The designed IM campaign should align with how the company is developing and contribute positively to this process of development.


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