What Is a Micro-Influencer, and Why Do Brands Use Them?


What is a micro-influencer?

A micro-influencer refers to one who has somewhere between a thousand to one lakh followers. They mainly target a niche segment and are usually considered industry experts or subject matter experts. It is believed that they have a strong and more enduring bond than a typical influencer. Working in collaboration with micro-influencer is considered influencer marketing on a relatively smaller scale. Marketers partner with micro-influencers having 1000 to 10000 followers on social media. They are recognized and celebrated in their distinctive areas of interest and usually have higher engagement rates. Therefore, brands partnering with them can expand their overall reach in niche zones by pursuing micro-influencers.

Micro Influencers

 “People today really want a recommendation they can trust, and they want an unbiased opinion.”

How do micro-influencers work?

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“People are tired of advertising and celebrity endorsements.”


Micro-influencers essentially use their passion, know-how, and style to aim at a specific section of the audience. For their targeted addressees, they craft more relatable and contextual content and they have a deeper as well as higher personal connection with their addressees. Micro-influencer can develop content around a product/service, lay stress on its benefits, and explain it to their followers. Followers every so often place more importance on recommendations of micro-influencers and purchase the products/services they endorse.

Why do brands collaborate with Micro-Influencers?

To understand why brands work in collaboration with micro-influencers instead of well-known influencers with huge fan following, it is important to understand the value of micro-influencers. Using micro-influencers might appear to be unreasonable. Why would you search for and partner with someone with a smaller number of following to promote your brand?


micro influencers Stunited UK

There are numerous reasons why micro-influencers might get better outcomes for your brand.

Micro-influencers have higher rates of engagement

Markerly carried out a study on Instagram engagement rates and observed an unanticipated trend. As the number of followers of influencers increases, their total number of likes and comments decreases from their followers. Markerly suggests brands pursue micro-influencers with Instagram followings between 1,000 to 10,000. With micro-influencers, brands can attain higher rates of engagement among audiences. In a current study, Experticity studied that micro-influencers have approximately 22.2 times more interactions than the typical Instagram users-mainly because they are relatively more passionate and well-informed about their particular interest area.

Brands can use micro-influencers to assist businesses in launching a product or boosting the sales of popular products. Again, micro-influencer marketing campaigns often have higher levels of engagement and improved performance metrics. This close association can make audiences trust micro-influencers trust more and the products/service they recommend or endorse. Brands can change likes, comments, and shares into conversions with a few straightforward marketing strategies, for example, offering discounts/coupons to the followers of the micro-influencer.

Confidence, Trust, and genuineness within their niche

Several consumers have faith in the recommendations of their family/friends, whilst their niche communities often place more trust and confidence on word-of-mouth suggestions. A testimonial, reference, or endorsement presented by a micro-influencer can appear to be reliable, and trustworthy to the followers. Followers can instantly accept what the micro-influencer suggests, illustrates, or implies as they trust their recommendations.

Presenting Contents that Perform Better

The close and enduring connection of a micro-influencer with their targeted addressees is extremely valuable to marketers. At the same time, the content they design is also equally important. Let us draw reference to the intense success of the TikTok platform that has clearly shown brands that user-generated content is equally or perhaps more persuasive to viewers than sophisticated content that is designed and shot by experts. Viral Nation also suggests brands use micro-influencers as much as possible by using their post, by using their posts for paid adverts, on websites, or even in physical outlets.

Better accessibility to niche communities

Micro-influencers every so often lead micro-communities: a smaller number of addressees that acknowledge and accept a particular industry or subject matter. Businesses can collaborate and use micro-influencers to find and gain access to the platforms where these niche customers interact, enhance their customer base, and eventually sales. If these customers love the products/services of the company, then they can refer other niche customers to them. Normally, niche customers purchase more products as compared to regular customers.

Higher Affordability

Micro-influencers are usually more affordable compared to celebrities or influencer profiles with masses of followers. Celebrities, from time to time, charge up to $75,00 for a single post on Instagram and for promoting a product. Conversely, roughly 98% of micro-influencers on Instagram charge less than $500 for a promotional post. Brands can also work with multiple micro-influencers to optimize their reach. However, even working with 100 such micro-influencers at the above rate would cost less than collaborating with a single celebrity.

Chances to get feedback

Marketing personnel of a company might have adequate work experience and they can share their ideas with their micro-influencers. Micro-influencers, being new professionals, usually encourage and value input to develop their presentation. Typically, they will welcome and accept all the constructive feedback given by the marketing division of the company. Therefore, this joint effort and cooperation can improve their overall performance and assist the business enterprise to attain its influencing objectives.

Creative Innovative Routes to Reach Target Addressees

Fashion and beauty corporations have developed a familiar territory on Instagram. Nevertheless, brands in other verticals use micro-influencer marketing too. Food as well as toy brands, for instance, associate with Viral Nation to engage with micro-influencers on platforms like YouTube and others.



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