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UK University Search Guide

Thousands of international students from across the world flock to the UK to study every year, thereby, making the UK a regularly high-ranked higher education destination. With a diverse population and a high repute for the prestigious education system, the UK has become one of the most sought-after destinations for international learners.

With more than 160 universities and educational institutions, unlimited study options, and courses on offer, you can have a unique higher education experience in the UK. There are high-quality and dedicated educational institutions, distinguished historic institutions, advanced and innovative facilities, and inventive and progressive research centers throughout the nation, providing the opportunity to customize your learning to your career objectives and aspirations.

 Ways to find out and do research on colleges/universities in the UK

UK University Search Guide

There is a huge amount of information obtainable to help students to decide the courses to study, the University, or the location of the university that is right for them. An appropriate place to commence the process of searching might be Discover Uni, which is the official page for comparing information on higher education.  On Discover Uni, you will be able to select and compare different subjects, various modes of study, outcomes of learning, and locations to assist you to know in detail about the courses on offer. For every course, there is an information set that can explain to you about the professional accreditation, level of satisfaction of students, and recruitment data. In addition to this, you can also check the official website of universities and there are scores of university league tables (with details of ranking) that present more information.

Certain establishments that publish rankings at different institutional or course levels include Times Higher Education, QS World Universities, and The Guardian. UCAS also provides abundant support on the ways of selecting the course and processes of applying for different courses in the UK. The official website of “The Association of Colleges” provides a map of higher education institutions in the UK along with their official links for vital and credible information. The People & Planet University League  also presents a ranking of different UK universities based on their environmental and ethical performance. Plus, you can also check the QAA  Quality Assurance Agency, an independent body that operates for the benefit of learners and higher education. This agency works in association with the government bodies to support UK higher education system, maintain its international repute, and enhance the overall quality and standards of education. In addition, it is also advisable to check the official site of the Research Excellence Framework  to comprehend the UK-wide evaluation of university research, carried out through Research Excellence Framework (REF). Students aspiring to apply to UK universities can sign up for (Worlds First Social Media Dedicated to Education World to join the global network, and connect and share ideas regarding UK universities, colleges, and career guidance. Stunited Newsfeed also presents current news on UK jobs, UK internship, and UK career and provides personal career consultation services by experts.

The official websites of universities and colleges together with brochures present full listings of varied courses that are offered, contents of course modules, and accomplishment stories of prior graduate students. Many universities publish student blogs along with promotional videos, and other resources that are created by the present batch of students about their learning experience.

Things to take into consideration while selecting a UK University

  • To check whether the educational institute offers appropriate course options
  • To analyse the ranks of the university in terms of student satisfaction
  • To examine the career prospects and the percentage of graduates who get employed or get the chance of further study after graduating
  • To check the standards of teaching in the university
  • To examine different extra-curricular opportunities and other facilities available for students (sports facilities/student libraries/study halls/lecture or seminar halls
  • To check the different modes of learning available (on-campus, distance education, etc.)
  • To check the location of the university (whether it is located in the countryside or in the center of the city)
  • To verify the fees and the costs of accommodation
  • To confirm the accreditations of the educational institute (that is, whether it is recognized by UK education authorities and whether it has the credibility to confer degrees

The current post presents details of popular courses offered by certain colleges and universities (based in England)

UK School Search

First Category:

Field of Study: Business/Management

Degree: Masters/Graduate

Location: England

  1. University of Roehampton
  2. University of Liverpool
  3. University of Essex
  4. University of York
  5. Bishop Grosseteste University
  6. Edge Hill University
  7. Falmouth University
  8. Nottingham Trent University
  9. The School of Oriental and African Studies
  10. The University of Bath
  11. The University of Bradford
  12. The University of East Anglia
  13. The University of Exeter
  14. The University of Leeds
  15. The University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  16. The University of Reading
  17. The University of Sheffield
  18. University of Derby
  19. Manchester Metropolitan University


Field of Study: Computer & Information System

Degree: Masters/Graduate

Location: England

  1. University of Liverpool
  2. City, University of London
  3. University of Essex
  4. University of York
  5. Edge Hill University
  6. Falmouth University
  7. Nottingham Trent University
  8. The University of Bath
  9. The University of Bradford
  10. The University of East Anglia
  11. The University of Exeter
  12. The University of Leeds
  13. The University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  14. The University of Reading
  15. The University of Sheffield
  16. University of Derby
  17. Manchester Metropolitan University

Field of Study: Engineering

Degree: Masters/Graduate

Location: England

  1. University of Liverpool
  2. City, University of London
  3. University of Essex
  4. University of York
  5. Falmouth University
  6. St Mary’s University College, Twickenham
  7. The University of Bath
  8. The University of Bradford
  9. The University of East Anglia
  10. The University of Exeter
  11. The University of Leeds
  12. The University of Newcastle-upon—Tyne
  13. The University of Reading
  14. The University of Sheffield
  15. University of Derby
  16. Manchester Metropolitan University

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