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The UK job market is booming despite the stalling rate of economic growth. As per the official data presented by Financial Times, the number of full-time employees has reached an all-time high and at the same time, the total number of vacant positions increased to 1.3 million.

In this vlog post, Sarika from “Your Knowledge Buddy” asserts that the UK job market has enough potential. There is a boom in the UK labour market at the moment. Essentially, there is a dearth of labour in the UK in almost all the fields as per reports issued by the UK government.

The two most common reasons for businesses of all sizes failing to fill up vacant positions are

  • Fewer applications
  • Lack of qualified applicants

Watch the video till the end to gain an in-depth understanding of how labour shortages are holding back Britain’s economic recovery. It can be observed that there is a real shortage of qualified people and it is affecting different aspects of the economy. Based on the explanations provided in the video, this post presents a list of TOP 10 sectors where is a real shortage of skills in the UK:

  1. Information Technology Jobs: There is a huge demand for software developers, programmers, data scientists, data analysts, data analytics, cloud engineers, testers, and development engineers to name a few.
  2. Medical staff Jobs: There is a huge scarcity of qualified personnel in the medical segment (for example, attending physicians, Residents, interns, and medical students (house staff), Licensed practical nurses, Nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants, Patient Advocate, Patient care technicians, and specialists, many others).
  3. Healthcare jobs: The UK is facing a shortage of staff in social care. The areas of social care include community work and daycare, childcare, child protection, counseling, occupational therapy, advice and guidance, and many others.
  4. Engineering Jobs: In this vlog, Sarika mentions that there is a huge shortage in skills in the UK in the areas of the engineering segment. Specialist engineers in the fields of civil, mechanical, mining, electrical, electrical electronics, biomedical, and chemical among many others.
  5. Researchers and Scientists Jobs: There is a scarcity of Research scientists who can successfully contribute to understanding and knowledge in the areas of natural science, social science, medical science, computer science, environmental science, and many others.
  6. Graphic designers: Graphic designers make visual concepts, through computer software or manually, to convey ideas that can motivate, inform, and enthrall consumers. They also create the overall layout as well as production design for various applications such as adverts, brochures, magazines, periodicals, and reports. As per reports, the employment of graphic designers is estimated to grow 3% during the period 2022-2030. Despite the limited growth of employment, about 900 openings for graphic designers are approximated each year on average over the upcoming 10 years in the UK.
  7. Architects: Architects are specialists competent in the art and science of developing the design. They create the notions for structures and turn those notions into images and plans. These plans ultimately become homes, administrative centers, office buildings as well as other facilities. This industry is transforming swiftly and experts with work experience are in demand in the UK job market. If you are an international student who intends to study in the UK, then you can certainly consider studying architecture at good universities.
  8. Finance and Accounting Job: Big business establishments in the UK are willing to sponsor your work visa if you are a qualified CA/ACCA/CPA with a minimum of three years of work experience. A list of top business corporations that sponsored the majority of candidates last year was PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, American Express, HSBC, Barclays, Llyods, and Natwest to name a few.
  9. Secondary teaching professionals in STEM: A STEM teacher refers to an educator who teaches the subjects such as science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.
  10. Chef: UK research reveals that British people nowadays enjoy around eight meals a week from different international cuisines. This implies that demand for chef is increasing, therefore, if you are an expert chef with five plus years of work experience, then you can get lucky with a visa and a job in the UK.

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