Tips for Finding Student Accommodation in the UK for international students


Tips for Finding Student Accommodation in the UK for international students

Here are some tips for finding student accommodation in the UK for international students. As a new student in UK University you might be having plenty of questions – how to find cheapest accommodation in Uk for international student, or cheapest accommodation in London for international students, or accommodation cost in Uk for international students in 2022, or even how to find accommodation in UK for students.

Uk University student visa accommodation requirements, accommodation for international students in Scotland, overseas students looking for accommodation, student accommodation. Two main options students in the UK use as their home abroad are halls of residence in UK (student halls on-campus or off-campus) or private accommodation in UK. Lets try to understand all these terminologies. The on-campus option includes University halls or dorms, while off-campus options include private student accommodations in UK, private houses in UK, and homestays in UK. Many UK universities will provide off-campus housing options, or work in partnership with student housing agencies to provide additional housing options. Your UK university will also be able to put you in touch with private landlords in the area with whom they have worked with to house students in the past. These landlords in UK are often vetted and will not be listed on UK university’s accommodation listings if they are reported by previous student tenants to be difficult or unfair. When you rent a property in liaison with your UK university, they will not only protect your interests with an external landlord, but often provide additional UK student services such as support networks and advice.

Halls of residence

Halls of residence is the British way of saying student housing or student dormitories. There are two types of halls, the ones offered by the university and private ones usually located outside the UK University campus. They usually consist of 5–10 rooms on one floor sharing a kitchen and living room or any other type of common area. Most of these rooms have either their own bathroom/toilet or they share it with a room next door. There are plenty of room types you can choose from, single room, double room or deluxe room, all depending on the budget available to you. Great thing about halls of residence is that you are surrounded by students and therefore more likely to gain some new friends.

Private accommodation

If you choose to live in a private house near to the UK University campus, there are number of options for that too.

Choose a type of housing by considering aspects like comfort, safety, distance from University, proximity to basic facilities, cost, and the way of life.

Important points to consider about accommodation agent in UK:

POINT 1- There are plenty of options – from university accommodation, to agencies, and private landlords. Another option you might not have considered is to use approved rented property companies that the university can refer you to. They can offer a range of private properties whether you want to live alone, or with friends, as well as providing larger luxury properties. Another reason to use a specialist agency for student accommodation is to ensure that you are protected, both in terms of the tenancy agreement and the deposit. According to the government, the deposit must be placed in an approved scheme rather than held by the landlord. And if you want to have the tenancy agreement checked, the university can recommend companies who offer services for students.

POINT2- Choosing any UK property around the UK University

It is about where you want to live but also what you can afford. Consider this – rent, groceries, tuition fees, meals, bills, textbooks, transportation, clothes, gym, traveling, home décor, and monthly subscriptions. Segregate your expenses into needs and wants and cut out non-essential luxuries. Put away some amount every month for emergencies. Share the student housing to save a few bucks. Do you want your own apartment or to share a house with a close friend in UK? Is it better to get together with a group of students and rent a larger property where all the other bills are also split two, three or four roommates.

POINT3 – Before Finalising

Find roommates who agrees to stay with you. If you have no other option rather than occupying a private flat or apartment we suggest you share it with someone else. Whether it is London or a much cheaper place to accommodate in the UK, renting price are too high to handle alone for a student. Also make sure the accommodation includes everything you need. Before deciding to choose an accommodation place over other options always make sure it contains everything you need. Surely the price is important, but you must aim to get the best deal. If there are no basic conditions for life you must not rent it. Collect information about the location. Location of your accommodation is very important. Besides, it can determine the rent price to a certain degree it will also have other advantages along the way. First, it can be the distance from your campus. Naturally, you should try to find one apartment as much near as possible. Also, you can see if there is enough accessibility to the downtown areas.

POINT 4- Caution
It may seem convenient to go for all-inclusive rental costs, but UK landlords often round up in their favour so you’re likely to be paying for more than you use. Where possible, choose to pay for what you use; it’s an extra incentive to be more economical with your electricity, gas and water, too. UK University students with joint tenancy agreements should check that they are not saddled with the rent should their housemates move out. All of this should be confirmed in writing before you move in. Therefore it is recommended do your research well in advance, use helpful student housing websites in UK, and

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