Thinking about going out for shopping in Nottingham?


Shopping centres have an all the time more important place in society nowadays. Our visits to shopping hubs do not limit to merely purchasing things any longer. Now we can spend the entire walking through well-designed alleys furnished with benches, plants, and even palms. Nowadays, most shopping malls have eateries, bars, coffee and snacks bars, or even hairstylists, beauty salons, fitness centres, cinemas, and amusement parks which permit us to fulfill a lot of diverse needs in a single building. Students coming to Nottingham for studying can also visit these shopping malls as these hubs conveniently place everything that they could ever need in one location.

Victoria Centre

Victoria Centre houses excellent brands, outstanding street food, and more all at the centre of Nottingham. The Shopping hub, situated in the heart of Nottingham, has wonderful shops that include John Lewis, House of Fraser, Urban Outfitters, Superdry & River Island. It also has Clocktower dining which incorporates over 20 distinct eateries; therefore, visitors can dine while enjoying a day’s shopping. This hub also has more than 2,750 parking spaces and a bus station, thus, reaching this shopping centre couldn’t be easier.

The Exchange

The Exchange is at the core of Nottingham retailing for more than 90 years, and at the present is home to an unparalleled mix of elite and fashionable lifestyle outlets. Sited at the head of Market Square, this shopping hub is at the centre of Nottingham’s pulsating city centre and is just a five minutes’ walk from protected and enclosed parking. The Exchange Buildings were put up between the years 1927 and 1929 as a significant part of a key civic building scheme that incorporated the Council House. This shopping hub was the first in Nottingham, and it commenced operations in the year 1929 and was inaugurated by the Prince of Wales, who afterward became Edward VIII. It is certainly difficult to find another shopping hub that has the architectonic grandeur of The Exchange. Even though this shopping center does not have the shops that are on your shopping list, visitors can spend some time walking through the passageways to take delight in the building itself! These days, The Exchange is considered to be the most exclusive specialty shopping spot in Nottingham, with its stores offering an unmatched combination of lifestyle sales.

Flying Horse Walk

Flying Horse Walk is one of the finest boutique retail shopping destinations for buyers in Nottingham. Together with the city’s Vivienne Westwood outlet, visitors can find an overabundance of thriving autonomous businesses, counting The Cheese Shop, Brew Cavern, Apalts, and fashion outlets like Gigi Bottega. Apart from that, other stores include an amalgamation of autonomous stores and domestic brands all connected by a common cord of extraordinary quality, extravagance, artistry, and the exceptional appeal of their residence.


Primark is not far from the main square situated in the centre of Nottingham. This well-planned and structured retail store provides shoppers with a wide assortment of clothes in the segments of menswear, womenswear, and kidswear. Primark is at all times jam-packed with keen and passionate shoppers, therefore, it is better to avoid visiting there during peak times.

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