Skilled Worker Visa


A skilled worker visa/Tier 2 Visa permits an individual to come and stay in the UK and engage in an eligible job with a sanctioned employer. Tier 2 Visa also referred to as the General Route is mainly for the immigrants who have been offered a job in the UK and are supported and funded by the authorized business establishments. It is considered to be the primary immigration route for accomplished workers to be engaged in a job in the UK. With the help of Tier 2 Visa, skilled workers from other nations can be carefully chosen based on the shortage of occupation list and applicants will be eligible to receive an offer letter without any labour market check and stay in the UK for up to 5 years.

Advantages of UK skilled worker visa

Ø Holders of Tier 2 Visa are eligible to bring their dependents to the UK on the visa

Ø Spouse is permitted to work with Tier 2 Visa

Ø There is no restriction on the total number of individuals who can relocate to the UK on Tier 2 Visa

Ø The minimum salary requirement for workers on Tier 2Visa has been decreased to £25600 from the threshold limit of £30000

Ø Fast Track Visas can be sanctioned and provided for healthcare specialists such as doctors and nurses



Ø Individuals need to have a job offer from a business establishment (employer) approved by the Home Office

Ø Applicants need to possess a ‘certificate of sponsorship and funding from the employer with detailed information regarding the role that they have been offered in the UK

Ø The job offer needs to be at the necessary skill level (RQF 3 or above, that is, A-Level and comparable)

Ø Applicants need to engage in a job that is on the list of entitled occupations

Ø Tier 2 Visa applicants need to be paid a minimum salary and it can depend on the category of the job that the individual will do

Ø Should satisfy the stipulated salary threshold limit of £25,600 or the particular salary constraint for the profession or the ‘going rate’.

Proficiency in English

Ø Applicants need to be able to speak, read, write and understand English properly. Applicants also need to prove their level of proficiency in English at the time of application. Furthermore, they need to satisfy the eligibility criteria for English Language proficiency at B1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Educational Requirements

Ø Applicants need to have at least Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with roughly 2 years of work experience from the entitled list of occupations

Ø Applicants need to have a mark of 70 points to meet the requirements in the clear parameters such as definite skills, educational credentials, salaries, and jobs.

Documents Required

Ø Certificate of the Sponsorship reference number of the applicant

Ø Proof of proficiency in the English language

Ø A valid passport or any other document that establishes the nationality as well as the identity of the applicant

Ø Details of the job offer, job title

Ø Documents that work as proof of offered annual salary

Ø Occupation code of the offered employment

Ø Name of the business establishment and sponsor license number of the establishment

Application procedure for applicants outside the UK

For applicants outside the UK can apply online for a Skilled Worker Visa/Tier 2 Visa. The before-mentioned documents need to be submitted at the time of application. The dependents of the applicant (spouse or children) need to apply for the Visa separately. The following steps can be undertaken for completing the application process

Evidencing Identity and submitting supporting documents: As part of the application process, the applicants will have to prove their identity. The way the applicants can prove this depends on the place they belong to and the category of their passports.

– Applicants might be asked to provide their fingerprints and photographs at the Visa Application Centre to get the Biometric Residence Card

– Applicants can also use the UK Immigration: ID Check application to scan the documents and create a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account

– The Visa Application Centre might keep the documents with them while processing the application

– After starting the application and completing it partially, the candidates can save the form and finish doing it later

– Applicants can expect to get a decision within 3 weeks of their application.



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