Sample Internship Interview Questions for UK University students


Sample Internship Interview Questions for UK University students

Here are a list of sample Internship Interview Questions for UK University students. Our UK internship experts, stated that they have come across a variety of students asking what might be the sample internship questions that are asked. What questions are normally asked in an internship interview? What should I prepare for an internship interview? How do you introduce yourself in an internship interview? What are the 10 most common interview questions for students? UK University students take internships seriously and hence tend to prepare before internship interviews, while many of the UK university students are found to scramble for internship job offers even at the last part of their career. Therefore applying for internship jobs in UK is a tedious task, start applying for internship positions early, if you aim for internships in MNCs, or internships in large UK corporations. 

Have you ever interned before? If so, describe your experience.
Tell us why should we consider you for this internship position in our company?
What qualities will you bring to this summer internship that other MBA candidates might not?
What are your expectations for your work hours during this internship job? Is your schedule flexible?
Do you have any hobbies, and if so, can you describe how you think they could assist you in this internship?
Which of your career accomplishments are you most proud of, and why?
What do you know about our company before you start as an intern?
What are your expectations from the internship role that we are discussing today?
Do your current studies align with the type of work we do in this sector in UK? Do you see a future in this industry, and if so, in what role?
How do you organize your time and prioritize tasks during a busy day?
Are you comfortable answering and having conversations over the telephone? And what is your experience with multi-line phone systems?
What do you like/dislike the most about being an intern?
What is your career plan to do after you graduate?
What would you say are the best skills to have, in order to be successful as an intern?
What are your strengths, and how will you best utilize them during this internship?
What are your weaknesses, and what will you do to ensure they don’t affect this internship negatively?
Describe a time that you took a leadership role in completing a task.
Tell me about a conflict that you’ve had worked with someone in the past, and how you resolved it.
Do you prefer to work independently or in a group setting?
Can you describe to me any major trends that our industry has been going through over the last 3-5 years?
How would your classmates or past work colleagues describe you?
What will you bring to the table that will have the biggest impact during your internship?
What level of expertise do you have with traditional office software programs (i.e. Microsoft Office/Excel/Powerpoint, MS Project, ERP, etc.)?
How do you handle stress at work or in your academic tasks? Has it been a problem for you in the past?
Describe a time when you had some adversity in your life and what you did to overcome it.

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