Requirements for applying UK PSW VISA 2022


As a candidate you need to meet the following requirements for applying UK PSW VISA 2022:

• have successfully completed your course i.e. got your final results/leave to supplicate

(the University will also need to notify the Home Office- see important note on page 1 about this timeline);

• you as a candidate have studied in the UK (subject to allowed absences due to COVID or permitted study abroad);

• you have a still a valid Tier 4 or Student visa at the time of application, or to have Exceptional Assurance given because of Covid19;

• In some circumstances have written consent from your funder, if they were a Government or international scholarship agency –;

• have received an email from the UK university confirming your successful course completion has been reported to the Home Office and the CAS number you used for your most recent student visa application. A reminder of this will be in the course completion email.

• You do not need to show any financial evidence for your living expenses.

These are the requirements for applying UK PSW VISA 2022.