Public transport system: Cardiff


The transportation system in Cardiff includes buses, railways, water, and air. It is one of the most populous city in Wales and one of the main centres of employment, business, media, higher education, and government offices. The transport network connecting the city is hereby mentioned below


The city has a comprehensive network of buses, with council-maintained CardiffBus services delivering a vast number of routes across the city along with Cardiff Airport, Newport Llantwit Major, and Penarth. All senior citizens together with differently-abled people can get free bus services on local buses all through Wales in case they get a valid pass.


The largest railway stations in Cardiff are Cardiff Central and Cardiff Queen Street and it is widely used by more than 10 million commuters every year. The railways are operated by Transport for Wales and well-organized by ticket barriers.

Metro Rail network

Cardiff also has a network of urban metro rail functioned by Transport for Wales and is popularly referred to as Valley Lines. There are mainly eight lines that join Central and Queen Street stations to over 20 smaller stations across Cardiff, 26 stations in the wider urban area, and over 60 stations in the South Wales Valleys and the Vale of Glamorgan.


Cycling in Cardiff is simplified by its easy ramps and large parks. There are primarily three main off-road cycle routes in Cardiff, with each one following a river in the city, namely, Taff Trail, Ely Trail, and Rhymney Trail.


The Aquabus runs between the city centre and Cardiff Bay every hour, and between Cardiff Bay and Penarth. Aquabuses running every hour carry up to 100 passengers. These services are mainly operated by four different companies, namely, Cardiff Cats Ltd, Cardiff Cruises Ltd, Cardiff Boats Ltd, and Aquabus Water Transport Solutions Ltd, for commuters.


Cardiff is mainly served by Cardiff Airport (CWL). Scheduled, charter, along with low-cost flights operate daily to other UK destinations, Europe, North America, and Africa and throughout the year.


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