PSW Ireland update 2021


PSW Ireland update 2021

PSW Ireland update 2021 shows that for a short time, international students who are studying online and/or remotely in their second semester of an Irish higher education programme will remain eligible for the Third Level Graduate Programme (1G).

This programme allows non-EU/EEA students graduating with a degree from a recognised Irish awarding body to remain in Ireland to look for graduate-level employment for a period of up to 24 months depending on their level of schooling attained. They can then apply for Irish Green Card (work permit) after 24 months. Before the pandemic and until now, students had to apply for the programme while they are were studying in-person in Ireland.

Conditions for Irish PSW

Students can apply for Irish PSW programme if they have returned to their home countries due to the pandemic or if they have not been able to obtain an appointment because of COVID restrictions. They can submit their applications Irish PSW programme, along with scans of required documentation for Irish PSW programme, electronically to the Registration Office, Burgh Quay, Dublin. They will be required to register in Ireland when they are able to return to the country.

To be eligible for Ireland PSW, the students need:

· A letter from their higher education institution stating that they were a student for the academic year 2020/2021;

· A letter from their higher education institution stating that this course was taught 100% remotely, and that they were not required to attend classes in person.

· A letter from the relevant awarding body or institution that they have achieved the award for which they were enrolled as a student.

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