National Higher Education Day


National Higher Education Day is observed every year on the 6th of June. The day is celebrated to promote Higher Education and encourage students to keep up with their studies until they achieve a few degrees in their selected educational streams. Let us know more about this day!

History & Primary Purposes of National Higher Education Day

Izamar Olaguez and Marcie Hronis together founded National Higher Education Day in the year 2015. The chief purpose behind the foundation of this day was to appeal to the college and university authorities to keep the course fees affordable for every student wishing to go for higher studies. Secondly, the following concerns of the day were combatting mass college dropouts and motivating young students to pursue their dream educational careers. To celebrate Higher Education Day people usually create posts about their educational goals, career, and study methods and post images related to the same on social platforms.

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Why Should We Dedicate A Day to Higher Education?

The rate of school and college dropouts is ever-increasing. Due to several domestic and social problems students often choose to quit education and start working early in life. These problems include serious issues like financial crisis, sudden loss of earning members in the family, an insufficient income of the family, community systems, and many others. People of any particular community need to get educated properly for the improvement of life and society. Only this way, other social issues can be addressed one after another. Moreover, promoting Higher Education is important to let people know their basic and constitutional right to education and how a living can be uplifted by academic qualification.

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Higher Education - Stunited
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Importance of Higher Education

Knowledge opens the door to greater possibilities and unending opportunities. Higher education provides a student with vast knowledge in their field of interest. Consequently, this aids in the personal and professional growth of a particular student who chooses to achieve a university degree. Opportunities for employment and a higher pay scale increase with the completion of degree courses. Students obtain the ability of critical thinking, and analytical and technical skills through tertiary schooling. Higher education lets a student go abroad for studies and access a better educational environment. The social importance of an individual increases with their educational qualification. Because the achievement of a higher degree associates a person with a better understanding of issues occurring around them. Thus, higher education indirectly helps in wider networking. Above all, pursuing a college education allows a student to select a definite path walking on which they can achieve their life goals.

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In Conclusion

Education is an inevitable part of human life and every human on this planet should and must get an education. The goal of National Higher Education Day is to empower individuals from every community with the strength of knowledge. To make the day successful, all of us should unite and try to spread awareness about Higher Education. Because we all dream to live in a society where every member has the convenience of leading their life according to their choice and utmost comfort. A society consisting of a larger number of highly educated citizens is likely to have lesser criminal activities, a healthier atmosphere, and greater communal improvement.


Featured Image Courtesy: Unsplash
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